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10 Easy Tactics To Instantly Improve Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

Over the course of the last year & a half, Facebook ads have been subject of substantial algorithmic changes due to the fact that Facebook’s feed algorithms were modified to give users a more personalized experience.

Because of this, digital media marketers from all corners of the world have been forced to step up their ads games to avoid seeing their Facebook ads impact decrease while their costs increase.

Conversion rates are one of the most important parts of Facebook ads, because their measurements are pivotal to determine the effectiveness of a campaign & to guarantee a powerful Return of Investment. However, with the changes in algorithms being sharpened throughout the past year, small & medium sized businesses have had to do the heaviest of liftings, because they do NOT have the mammoth budgets that global enterprises have to reconfigure their strategies.

“It’s been especially difficult for the small budget businesses that, prior to these changes, relied on organic reach to push their campaigns. They had developed a system over the last couple of years, that consisted on investing small amounts of money in ads that were strategically released to audiences who the companies knew would share, comment & convert; of course they can’t do that now so they got to find new ways of increasing their conversion rates without seeing their Facebook ads costs skyrocket,” says Matt Cutts, Google’s former Director of Web Spam Department, & current Administrator of the United States Digital Service.

There are several tactics a business can use in order to make the best out of their Facebook ads within’ the new Facebook algorithms; however, some of the least common have proven to be the most effective.

The 10 tactics to improve your Facebook ads conversion rates are:

1.Multi-tracking your Facebook ads conversions

Despite the fact that many marketing experts believe that the main premise of Facebook ads, or any digital ads, is to keep targeting proportional to its budget, narrowing them to the constraints of budget can be a deadly mistake, because it will include reducing: interests, locations, age ranges, gender &, most importantly, device distribution. Many marketers believe that narrowing device distribution & placement makes for better budget optimization, but that theory has been proven to be only partially true.

According to Facebook ads specialist, Kattie Sehl, one should distribute ads across mobiles & desktop, not one or the other. One should also track clicks and conversions on both, regardless of if the ad’s campaign is only designed to run on one of them.

“Having ads run on both outlets, or even just monitoring both actively through the Developing Kit, gives Facebook the possibility of capturing more audience data to increase an ad’s reach without increasing its interaction or click costs.”

Improve Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate with 10 Unknown Tactics 1

2.Don’t go heavy on text

When it comes to creating Facebook ads, experts often suggest carefully selecting & adding creditable character reviews, strong punchlines & lasting slogans; however, others suggest you go light on words & heavy on visuals.

“A crisp, short & sweet copy is the second most important element of an ad in 2019, if there’s too much text people might not even stop to read it,” adds Kattie Sehl.

3.Visuals speak louder than words

It is a well-known fact that Facebook’s algorithm favors visual content; even though their video uploads only make for 3% of the network’s total content. Nevertheless, an underrated & equally effective fact is that, it only takes Facebook ads audiences 2.6 seconds to decide whether they’re landing on a page or not. Therefore, creating a strong visual with a popping 2.6 seconds, & less than a sentence long review, can make more of a difference than telling your business’s life story on top of your video.

4.Include an action button

Since Facebook ads are all about converting & generating ROI, creating ads that have the intention of generating mysticism isn’t as effective as some experts assure. Instead, create ads with calls-to-action & strong verbs such as: discover, find, explore, get, gain, win, save or enjoy, if your goal is to get people to visit the product or service page of your business. If you want them to buy straight from your ad don’t refrain & tell them to: buy, sign up, learn more or download. Giving audiences strong directions of what you need them to do works for the better.

5.Broaden your Facebook ads audience

Even though some people suggest not overindulging when trying to broaden your audiences (because it opens the door to the possibility of reaching irrelevant audiences,) adding interests similar to the custom interests your business identifies with, can increase conversion rates at a lower cost per click (CPC.)

6.Optimize your funnel

Optimizing your campaign’s funnel is barely mentioned when talking about Facebook ads. Nonetheless, funnels consist of four main elements: awareness, consideration, interests & conversion, & are pivotal for ad optimization strengthening.

7.Optimize your landing page’s design

While many digital agencies focus on Facebook ads optimization, scare tactics, formatting, targeting & emotional indulgement, only some mention the importance of optimizing a business’s landing page.

“If your customers like strong reds & intricate letterings, you can’t give them minimalistic backgrounds & slogans in Helvetica. You got to customize your page’s design to meet their expectations & mesmerize them once they click,” says SEO expert Marcus Sheridan.

 “The ultimate content strategy is listening.” – Marcus Sheridan

Improve Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate with 10 Unknown Tactics 3

8.Check your website’s speed

A one second delay in a landing page’s load can reduce conversion chances by 7%. Make sure your loading speed is at its finest before releasing your Facebook ads.

9.Add social proof

Adding quotes about your products or services, from renowned or creditable figures, is known to increase clicking encouragement by over 10%. 

10.Offer coupons or other sorts of incentives on your Facebook Ads

Target audiences are known to be over 57% more likely to click on unknown brand ads if their advertisements are bundled with discount codes, coupons or additional incentives such as: buy one get one free (ex.)


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