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11 Reasons Why Businesses Like Yours Have Decided To Invest In Adext

We have a lot of customer success stories.

And businesses have been getting great results from Adext’s AI since we launched the company.

But when we delved deeper into the reasons behind why our customers originally chose to invest in an Adext plan, we were surprised by some of the results.

1. The Lower Cost of Customer Acquisition 

The first reason was that they knew that Adext would lower their company’s customer acquisition costs substantially.

Even the CEO of a small company may need to be heavily involved in some customer acquisition work—especially at the beginning—when that CEO’s time could be better spent on other, more critical strategic tasks.

Other companies may have their sales teams cold call prospects, or have their marketing teams send out cold email campaigns.

Others still choose networking, attend or speak at conferences, write marketing content or develop their website, hoping the results will come.

Adext creates, manages and optimizes ad campaigns for your business and its intelligent algorithms make them as profitable as possible, and build their strength and efficiency over time.

Our customers enjoy how the qualified leads Adext produces reduce how much it costs them to acquire new customers.

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2. The Higher Conversion Rates

You know when you segment and use strategic methods to target your ideal audience, conversion and closing rates go up. They connect you with the right people for your product or service.

Our customers love how Adext sends them qualified leads to increase their conversion and close rates and how they get stronger over time.

3. The Lower Cost Compared To Digital Agencies

As you might expect, the lower cost of Adext makes us popular, when we compare it to a digital marketing agency or a marketing consultant.

Adext is not a digital agency, and was created to offer you an alternative that involves no operative costs.

In fact, we take the money you would have spent on operative costs (usually 10-25% of the total fees you pay an agency, as discussed here), and we make that vital cash work for you on the internet’s main digital platforms instead.

4. Adext Makes The Right Decisions Based On Thousands of Data Records

Now, we did expect this one.

The fact that Adext can do what a human could never do and uses that power to your advantage is one of Adext’s main benefits.

Not only can Adext process and analyze hundreds of millions of data (Big Data) at an alarming speed, it also learns what works best for your specific business (regardless of what industry or niche you’re in) by constantly optimizing every element of your ad.


What does that mean for you? Greater profits, faster.

5. You Can Target A Separate Audience For Each Of Your Products or Services

Most companies offer various different products and services and you may need to use a unique strategy for groups of them, or individual products and services.

The fact that Adext can help you create ads to have an impact on and attract each segment you’re interested in targeting is another reason our customers choose us.

6. The Greater Visibility, Brand Awareness And Reach

According to a survey by Adobe, 76% of marketing respondents believe that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the last 50.

And one of the biggest changes is the shift to online marketing.

Neil Patel points to another study, which found that over ⅓ of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spend in the next five years.

Yep, these days, if your business is not online, it doesn’t exist.

So naturally, getting more visibility, brand awareness and reach is top priority for our clients.

Adext is here to put you on the digital map and right under the nose of your target audience.


7. You Can Minimize Your Offseason

Offseasons are a huge drain for some businesses. Other seasonal businesses just close up shop during offseason.

Seems like a shame.

Adext actually obliterated the offseason for one of the customers interviewed for our customer success stories, René Cáceres.

He says: “I started getting calls during the very first week after Adext launched my campaign. 750% more people wanted meetings with me. And best of all, my offseason completely disappeared.”

One of the ways Adext does this is by identifying niche markets you may never have thought about targeting and getting them on board.

It also extends your season by generally boosting your inbound prospects markedly by working on your campaign. 24/7, 365.

How many digital agencies or employees do that?

8. The Increase in Leads

Again, this one isn’t too surprising: Adext is a qualified lead-generating machine!

Where do your ideal prospects hang out? Adext will find them, and turn them into highly qualified leads for you.

9. The Platform Does Everything and Saves You Time

Feeling like sleeping in, taking a nap, or just not working so hard to attract leads?

We know the feeling.

Our AI adtech solution is designed to save you time and energy.

When you sign up for an Adext plan, you can let it take care of everything for you.

Even if you don’t have a website your ad can link to, Adext will create a Lead Page for you, absolutely free.

Then things will certainly be different!

You won’t have to spend ANY time looking for clients; creating, executing or optimizing your strategy—or scratching your head about how to calculate your ROI.

Adext doobily-does everything for you.


10. You Can Forget About Cold Calling

Add “do people like cold calling” to your search bar, and a long, long list of articles on “the real reason you hate cold calling” and “the truth about why salespeople don’t like cold calling” will probably appear.

Poor cold calling isn’t popular.

Forgetting about it does seem to be the preferred option! At least, with our customers.

11. Transparency In The Results

Have you ever dealt with a digital agency that’s shy about the results it’s getting for you?

Or in fact anyone who wanted to slack off a little or hide how efficient they are at providing you with something?

Though there are a great number of amazing agencies who would never do the above, by the way, some do leave you wondering about how things are going all month.

They usually provide reports biweekly or monthly.

One of the things that made our customers decide to join us is the fact that we update your campaign results every day.

You can access the Adext Dashboard and monitor your campaign KPIs from any device, anywhere there’s an internet connection, at any time, too.


Ready to enjoy all the benefits listed above alongside over 20,000 other businesses? You could start here.

Have some burning questions? We may have covered them in Help Desk.

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