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2 Quick Ways to Fix Adext AI Compatibility Issues

So, you are using Adext AI and are creating your first Smart Campaign.

You’ve selected your ad groups and have chosen a range of dates for your smart campaigns to run, great! You’ve clicked on the submit button and are waiting to see your Compatibility Report, but…

There are some compatibility issues and you don’t know how to fix them.

Easy! Here are some quick tips to help you solve them fast.

First, compatibility issues could be for several reasons.


QUICK WAY #1: identify which campaigns or ad groups aren’t supported by Adext

The most common one is campaigns or ad groups that aren’t supported by Adext.

To identify which one of yours have issues, make sure to check on each of the following tabs: campaign, ad group and ads. By checking each of the tabs, one by one, you will find the issues.

Screen Shot 2019 06 06 at 17.36.10

QUICK WAY #2: eliminate or revalidate the items with issues on the 3 tabs

To continue and move on to the next step you need to eliminate or revalidate the items with issues. In order to do this, you first need to select each of your ad groups one by one through the checkbox.

Screen Shot 2019 06 06 at 18.06.42

Once you have selected them you can eliminate or revalidate them using the thrash or the checkmark icons. To revalidate them, first you need to go to your advertising platform and modify the original so it’s compatible with Adext. To check which ads work with Adext, consult our article titled What kind of ads can Adext AI work with?  

When you are clear of compatibility issues in all of the 3 tabs, a green checkmark will appear in each one of the tabs and the submit smart campaign button will be enabled.

When you click on submit, your campaigns will be sent to Google and Facebook and will be in the process of being approved. When they are approved your campaigns will be activated on the date you have previously chosen, and you will be able to see all the activity within the Google and Facebook platforms.

Screen Shot 2019 06 06 at 17.37.02

Remember, if you leave the submit button without clicking on it and come back to it two days later, it will appear as expired and you will have to reselect another date period for your campaigns and revalidate them. Once you have done this once again you will be able to click on the Submit Adext AI Smart Campaign button.

If you wish to change the start date of your campaign you will receive a Pop Up that says you’ll have to re-validate and you’ll have to click on the recheck compatibility button.

We hope this was helpful! Remember any questions regarding this or other topics, you can contact us at our chat or write to us here.

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