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6 Awesome Google Ads Optimization Secrets You Need to Know

19 years after the launch of Google Adwords in the year 2000, Google Ads Optimization has become a matter of insight so deep that it takes a group of seasoned professionals to get a campaign on point & aiming for the big leagues. The reason is that the Internet is a crowded place where being seen by audiences, that are willing & able to convert & engage, is a hard task to achieve.

“There are many ways to come up with great Google Ads Optimization, yet in a spectrum, as crowded as the Google Search Engine one of the most suggested moves is to hyper-focus. We hyper-focus on customization from ad to landing page to onboarding experience, with a special attention on the ad-to-landing page experience. Then we mirror our ad campaigns & ad groups to each landing page.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Casey Armstrong.

The core point in Mr. Armstrong’s strategy overview is his company’s cautiousness over its ad-to-landing-page experience. The reason being that in 2019 Funnel Visualization Reports showed that only 22 people out of a sample of 1000 followed through with a purchase via a move that includes clicking on ads that lead to a landing page; that’s only 2.2% of the clickers.

The low conversion rates showed in the Funnel Reports, however, are 90% of times due to the fact that the landing page experience of the companies who achieve high-ranking Google Ads Optimization is a mess.

“Google Ads Optimization that provides enough exposure to rack in great CPC numbers is hard enough to achieve to see that part of the effort goes to waste on non-conversion. You find your niche, you give them an ad that convinces them to go for you & click on your ad, & then you give them a landing page experience so confusing & bad that they drop out without converting; even though your service or products are high-end — it’s the biggest budget waste,” adds Mr. Armstrong.

You could be having Google Ads Optimization numbers that are half of those of your competitors &, by giving your audience a great ads-to-landing-page experience, still, outsell everyone.

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Here are 6 Google Ads Optimization secrets that you need to know to outsell your competition.

1.Clicks vs. conversion in Google Ads Optimization

Imagine one of your competitors is ranking 3rd in the Google Ads Optimization game & you are ranking 4th. If this happens you have to remember that in the digital world conversion rates are what matters most, so instead of focusing in ranking higher than them, you have to focus on giving your targets a better experience in order to outsell others.

Yes, competitors might get 700 clicks through their Google Ads Optimization & you might be getting 500. However, if you’re able to offer audiences a neat, organized, focused, easy, amicable ad to landing page experience, who has their cart ready for checkout in 5 to 8 moves instead of 10 or more, then the odds are that 50 out of your 500 targets will make a conversion, while competitors will only have 25 out of 700.

In the end, they might be getting lower Cost Per Click Rates, but you’ll be getting the higher conversion & the larger ROI.

2. Consider Polling as a Tool

Once you got your landing page completely tuned to give your targets the best experience they can possibly have, you can start thinking about moving up the ranks to monopoly.

Great Google Ads Optimization is about leading the game in all areas, so a great landing page deserves the most clicks.

Having a poll position of the rank in your branch is important because the top spot gets 42.25% of the traffic. The second gets over 30% less the traffic with only 11.94% of it. The third position gets 8.47%, the fourth 6.05% & fifth through tenth positions divide the remaining 5%.

So when experts tell you great Google Ads Optimization includes placing your brand within’ the top 10, the secret they are hiding is that you really need to be either polling or at least cracking the top 5 to make the best out of your landing page.

3. Make Your URL Speak

One of Google Ads Optimization’s best-kept secrets is the correct use of URLs.

Dismal as they may seem, one thing you can do to severely enhance your Google Ads Optimization is optimizing your display URL which is the URL displayed in your ad & that doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your landing URL; it does have to be in the same domain.

To optimize it simply add one of the words in the URL to your keyword listings & Google will highlight the optimized word in the ad. This will give your target audience a better understanding of where they are going even if their landing isn’t exactly in the URL displayed.

4. Look For Inspiration From Your Competitors

The fact that creativity is a great part of Google Ads Optimization doesn’t mean you can’t analyze your competition’s keywords & campaign metrics to see what’s working for them to incorporate it into your own mix & apply it to your own success. If they’re doing it, why shouldn’t you?

5. Use Google Ads Optimization to Re-market Yourself

Google Ads Optimization is always being promoted as an innovational, non-recycling feature that serves the purpose of expanding to new targets every time. Although, few companies in the Google Ads Optimization game are advised to re-market to previous watchers or convertors, & why shouldn’t you if your main goal is to create long-time bonds?

So, Re-market yourself parallel to the search for newer audiences & you’ll also get new customers from the mouth to mouth. Don’t sleep on your laurels; you’re only as good as your latest hit.

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6. Schedule Well

Scheduling is a pivotal part of Google Ads Optimization & one severely overlooked. While most businesses rotate their ads 24/7 in their overcrowded niches, you can schedule yours to run only during business hours; getting yourself ahead in the game by optimizing your budget, by avoiding ranking falls during irrelevant hours & by popping up while other campaigns are running slower because they ran budget dry during times when relevant viewers weren’t watching.


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