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Apply Facebook Ads Split Testing Like a Super Pro!

Facebook ads have been around for over a decade; however, they’ve fairly recently become a sales powerhouse in the digital market. For that reason, their best features remain unknown to businesses who are unfamiliar with online marketing, because they’ve yet to venture into a world of wide possibilities of expansion & engagement with new audiences.

It is important to mention that:

  •  As of 2019, 21% of people who like a business’s page are doing so to research their products & services with the intention of making a purchase.
  • Enterprises who give their customer base a good branding experience receive 3.5 times more interactions than those who just have a Facebook page to fulfill the social requirement of having one.
  • Facebook algorithms boost the exposure of the last 50 pages users visit; therefore, you can increase your organic exposure if your company’s community manager gets your customer base to engage with your page on any level.

1.What the experts say about Facebook ads:

SocialWorks Digital CEO & Marketing Specialist, Rachel Pedersen says… “What businesses need to understand is that Facebook ads are a tool designed to propel their brand to its next level of success or expansion; the goal is up to them. They also need to understand Facebook ads are more intricate than just helping your post be seen by a broader audience—in a network that’s so crowded that organic reach is down to 7%. Facebook ads are a sales point, a measurement tool, an engagement resource, a dynamic kick-starter & a way to cement a brand in a digital market place that gets more forgetful by the minute.”

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The thing with Facebook ads’ ever-evolving features is that the network is trying to round up interactions between customers & brands so that they don’t even have to leave Facebook to do business. However, it takes time for that repetition effect to work as good as it did on TV, given the fact that there’s no rotation of a variety of ads groups like there was on television. These are stand-alone ads that have to penetrate people’s core to stick, so they’re harder to encrypt, though cheaper.

About pricing Rachel Pedersen points out:

“Not everyone has $2-5k per month for Facebook Ads. But, if you can spend $150-200 each month for advertising, you can build a warm audience for marketing your products in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Do a Facebook Live on your page talking about the backstory of your product – it doesn’t need to be longer than 5 minutes!

Step 2: Run $5 per day ads with a video view objective.

Then create a custom audience of the video views (Facebook will dynamically update the audience) & run an ad to the warmed video views audience.”

2.Facebook ads’ Split Testing feature

Furthermore, when it comes to Facebook ads’ Split Testing feature, the first thing company owners & marketers need to know is that:

Facebook Ads’ Split Testing is “the act of showing two or more versions of an ad to similar audiences to see which one works better for them” this feature is also known in some Facebook Ads Manager versions as A/B Testing.

The new feature, as any of the other innovative features of  Facebook Ads, requires spending time within order to understand it enough to get its best potential. It also requires management by a seasoned agency professional, who knows how to pick & choose the best inside options to run drills to their most top of games.

But how can a business handle Facebook Ads Split Testing like a complete Pro if they’re unfamiliar with them?

Even if you already have the aforementioned seasoned agency professional onboard your Facebook Ads marketing team, it’s still important that you understand how Split Testing works on the surface.

  1. Because in order to contribute you need to know your way around it (Split Testing.)
  2. Because knowing your way around it will give you a clearer view of if your agency professional is taking your Facebook Ads in the direction where you envisioned they have to go in order to make your company its expected ROI.

That said it is also important to note that there are, per usual, guidelines & options to properly split test a set of Facebook Ads.

3.Objectives first

Choosing your split testing objectives is the first & most important step of the process because like everything else in the digital world, the first step will define how its follow-ups work; thus making wrong decisions at this point would throw everything to waste; hence, the seasoned professional.

The objectives you can choose from are:

  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • App Installs
  • Catalog sales
  • Video Views
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Conversions
Apply Facebook Ads Split Testing Like a Pro 02

Please note: the Awareness option is not yet available for split testing.

Once you’ve properly selected the objective that best fits your vision, your goals & your current campaign, you’ll have to select the objective variable that you want to add to your testing.

Remember this is a precision move that has to connect with everything that you’ve previously established brand, experience, campaign & objective-wise or else the results you’ll get won’t be reliable for further selections.

The variables available are:

  • Creative
  • Placements
  • Delivery optimization
  • Target audience

& you will have the option of testing five different strategies with the variable selected.

Split Testing is a feature that promises to help you get sharper metrics than you get when you do the splitting yourself, by running several ad sets with multiple ads within’ them, for a standard period of time, in similar audiences, to see which one sticks in certain automated placements.

Sharper metrics & less trial spending is what this innovative resource is all about. However, the pivotal part of Facebook Ads remains having a great landing page ready for users to convert, a converting event visible within’ the top section of your Facebook page, & appealing campaigns—complete with social proofs & outstanding offers that make your target audience want to ring in steady ROI.


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