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3 Expert Ways to Use Google Ads & Automate Your Lead Generation

Google ads are the magic & the wonder of contemporary ecommerce. It is impossible to imagine a successful digital marketing campaign that´s not led by mesmerizing Google ads, & it is almost impossible to achieve lead generation without them.

Google ads are known to turn moderately successful businesses into worldwide enterprises, they´re also known to convert 50% more effectively than organic traffic flowing through search engines.

It is also a well-known fact that Display ads on Google are seen by 90% of users, while 70% of mobile users call companies straight from their mobile ads. Additionally, businesses make double their ad spend every time they rotate a Google ads campaign; that´s a 200% return of investment. & One that traditional media has never been able to give any lead generation business.

Another thing traditional media has never been able to give companies is mammoth reach at a low cost. Through Google ads companies can lead generation, sell everywhere in the world, engage with customers, personalize their experience, measure their campaigns, measure conversion, & profit from spin-off ventures all at once, & at a significantly lower price than on traditional media.

3 Ways To Use Google Ads Automate Your Lead Generation 3

When it comes to automating lead generation through the use of Google ads, experts suggest brands avoid being afraid of throwing extra money at their ventures.

“It’s wrong to see lead generation as an expense when what you’re truly doing is investing in your company’s growth, its placement & its future revenue. Behind every successful person or business there are a lot of unsuccessful years,” says Digital Marketing expert, Political Advisor, Publisher & Entrepreneur, Neil Patel.   

Moreover, Jacob Brown, Account Manager at Hanapin, says you should: be analytical & creative, & find different ways to look at results that make the most sense for your particular account when looking for lead generation.

However, while there are plenty of guidelines to avoid missteps, anything that’s not a misstep is a potential step forward; thus, nothing is too creative, too out there or off limits. Google ads algorithms change every day, so what failed yesterday might work today.

The one thing businesses should know for certain is that lead generation through Google ads won´t be achieved by a one-time setting. Automatization will help companies skip protocolary repetition; it won´t exempt them from periodically sharpening or updating their campaigns.

There are plenty of ways to to achieve lead generation through the placement of Google ads; however, the following points are pivotal in your quest for success throughout every strategy mix your company chooses to use.

3 Ways To Use Google Ads Automate Your Lead Generation 2

1.Seeing the fine line between queries & keywords

Many company marketers trying to achieve lead generation through Google ads commonly mistake how keywords & queries work. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that queries contain keywords, but specific keywords may appear throughout unrelated queries; meaning there is a big chance your Google ads will appear before irrelevant audiences if the queries you want your keywords to appear at are not predetermined.

Lead generation goes hand in hand with optimization, as well as with ad automatization, not because there is a way to design a master copy that´ll work by itself, but because lead generation is achieved through the proper combination of the aforementioned queries & keywords with Google´s algorithm.

Make sure you select your keywords as sharp as possible, but also give your ad´s negative keywords listing the same treatment. This because your negative keyword listing will rule, out the possibility of your ad´s keywords matching with queries that are not related to your product; hence, they will block your Google ads from appearing in front of audiences that are not of interest.

Note on the fact that, if you don´t do so, Google´s algorithm will run through each query to determine if your ad must be shown in said search or not, but that automatic analysis won´t ever be as precise as your own. It´ll work in some cases, but it won´t in those that are more similar to your settings so don´t leave it to chance if you don´t want to waste your money on impressions that won´t generate your company any conversions or ROI.

2.Write a powerful Google Ad

 Writing powerful Google ads is key in your quest to achieving lead generation, mainly because its key to generate an impression on mass audiences. Thus, when you start writing your next big ad, it is important to consider that technicalities, specifics, professional terms, & names that the average person outside your field doesn´t understand, come in second to emotional attachment.

  • You want to make a connection, you want to be relatable, you want to be appealing & attractive; you don’t want potential customers to be overwhelmed by difficult facts. You want them to know you understand their needs & wants; therefore your company has the goods to make their lives easier. 
  • You want call to action buttons that work to the T.

Furthermore, to achieve lead generation stay focused on what your ad is about. Don´t add all branches of your company to your keyword listings. Instead, just add the keywords that are related to the products & services within´ the branch you are promoting through those specific Google ads.

3.Don’t spam & check your Google Ads quality score periodically

One of the primordial things you have to do to become a lead generation brand through Google ads is to avoid spamming, as well as checking your quality score periodically.

Businesses who spam for minor reasons or to announce underwhelming news are quickly poorly categorized; hence, it reduces their chances at lead generation. Avoid spamming & just email or connect with your customer base when you really have something important to tell or offer them.

Also, make periodical removals of Google ads content that appears to be hurting your quality score in order to keep it nice & high.


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