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3 Key Elements: Google Ads, Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Considering Artificial Intelligence and Google Ads newest potential? Not many marketers are, despite experiencing Artificial Intelligence newest changes in the marketing world.


Google is using RankBrain, its machine learning based algorithm that is present in search engines to make a product search smarter and as Target Marketing Mag points out:

“As AI gets more intelligent, marketers can use it to get ahead of their competition. Google Ads has already implemented AI into its advertising platform. It’s the brains behind Google Ads’ automation tools.”
– Target Marketing Mag

From Improved Searches to Recommendation Engines. From Programmatic Advertising to Conversational Commerce. From ads to Dynamic ads (“a type of ad that automatically adapts to provide content specific to each user, ensuring that each user is exposed to the most effective creative for them”, Kanuka Digital). AI has shaken the marketer essence to its core.

It’s no wonder the main digital marketing trends involve rethinking one’s strategy and decision-making, based on choosing the best Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform as a must-have digital tool.

According to Blueshift, AI’s impact is seen mainly on 3 levels of marketing:

  1. “The What” with Predictive Recommendations: Determine the right piece of content, offer or product to show each customer.
  2. “The When” with Predictive Engage Time: Optimize the delivery of the campaigns to the times when each individual customer is most likely to engage.
  3. “The Where” with Predictive Channel-of-Choice: Deliver the campaign on each individual customer’s channel-of-choice.

Our focus is on Google ads and Artificial Intelligence and how it has integrated this technology for Automated bidding as well as Automated creative. Which leads us to our main topic, AI enables you to use technology’s power and all its possibilities, but what’s the smartest way to use it in order to combine the latest technology and enrich it with your own unique creativity?

“AI is not just helping when it comes to mundane tasks. Marketers (60% of them) are saying that AI has guided them with their data strategies.” -MeMSQL

Technology has given marketers the opportunity to increase their productivity, but what happens if they lose their creativity as a result?

1.Google Ads and Artificial Intelligence

So basically, here’s what you need to know:

Google’s newest Artificial Intelligence related change is using Artificial Intelligence to create text ads which go live in your account automatically after 14 days. Although, this is a great solution to save time and effort, it also represents other problems for marketers, like keeping the quality and control of their campaigns and ads to a higher level.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Programmatic Advertising and automation are great, as long as you keep in mind when and how to use them to improve your advertising ads and campaigns.

Phil Frost, COO of Main Street ROI, underlines that Google Ads goals is to generate as many clicks as possible to make more money. That’s why you need to keep your conversion tracking into check, to assure the success of your Google Ads. This why you shouldn’t let Google’s AI write all of your ads if you want your ad campaigns to be successful.

You can turn off this new feature and stop the ads from generating automatically, but maybe you might be missing out from the great advantages AI offers you? creative-wise and profit wise.

“Due to over 300% more investment in AI and big data during the next few years, AI-friendly businesses could gain a $1.2 trillion of the market annually from businesses that haven’t incorporated advanced technology yet.”

It’s all about balance and mixing the elements of technology with your creative ideas, so that the result you get is not only something more functional and practical, but also something original and authentic, because who wants generic ads, right?

“On average, each person online is served about 1,700 banner ads each month but only view half of them” (Lyfe Marketing), one of many reasons you want your advertising efforts to really stand out.

2.So, how to combine Google Ads, Artificial Intelligence and your creativity?


Applying AI technology, the smart way, can lead to successful results and greater possibilities, it’s undeniably an opportunity for growing your business, saving time and evolving with the times so you won’t stay behind, but in fact stay ahead.

Our research showed even that some specialists claim manual strategies are completely outdated on established accounts with data, like Greg Getner. Among the reasons we find at the top the following, Google Ads automation allows to improve, focus and expand your results to reach a higher and greater success. For example, automated bidding in brand awareness, leads and sales will help you to:

  1. Maximize clicks and conversions (Note: “Google requires you to have 30 conversions in the last 30 days for some automated bid strategies”, Kanuka Digital)
  2. Target impression share and outranking share, as well as CPA and ROAS
  3. Enhanced CPC

Furthermore, it enables you to use automated creative! Getner explains Google’s newest functions and expands on 2 main types of automated creative tools which are Responsive search ads (RSA) and Dynamic search ads (DSA), underlining you keep in mind that in order to use each one correctly, you definitely need to do your homework. Let’s explore those 2, its main traits and peculiarities:

Responsive search ads (RSA):  “You feed Google headlines and descriptions and it will automatically assemble the creative on the fly for each auction and best tailored to each searcher.”

Best practices: Write at least 15 headlines and 4 descriptions for one single ad, your creative and the keyword you’re targeting has to match, use several disruptive concepts differently and create a messaging strategy with different value propositions.

Dynamic search ads (DSA) “When a user searches, Google will scan your site and match their query to the content on your site. The ads then are automatically generated with a custom headline that will automatically direct users to the relevant landing page on your site. It’s both a creative solution, but also a targeting solution in terms of finding new users.”

According to Kanuka Digital, Dynamic Search Ads can have longer headlines than other search ads, which improves their visibility and marketers can control the description lines and display URL in the ads.

Best practices: Pair with manual keywords to cover all possibilities and with smart bidding, check the search terms report to make sure you’re showing up for correct terms. Also, use the successful keywords and break them off into an exact match ad group to have even more control of your winner ads. These ads are recommended for advertisers who have a solid website already running or a numerous product inventory.

You could choose to use these, or you could just make your life easier and assure a great campaign and ads performance using Adext AI… just saying! Plus, if you decide to give Adext a try you also have the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of automated bidding with Adext’s AI Campaign Budget Automation feature (CBA), visit this link for more info on that.

3.Adext AI CBA and its benefits

In order to avoid wasting money on Google Ads bidding on ads that aren’t giving results or conversions, you need to manually look for them and set up automated rules to pause them.

But, if you use Adext AI and turn the CBA feature on, it allows Adext AI to automatically manage the total budget of your Campaign, deciding which ads to optimize based on which ones are performing best and decrease the budget on the ones that are not doing well.


Regardless of what tools you choose to use or what platform, one thing is certain, AI is here to stay, as the newest technology, the most innovative tool and the smartest investment. In fact, Gartner forecasts that by 2020, AI will become a top five investment priority for more than 30% of CIOs.

With its endless possibilities, it’s no wonder the use of AI is not limited to ads but it’s expanding to every advertising area and task.

In fact, 87% of current AI adopters said they were using or considering using AI for sales forecasting and for improving e-mail marketing, according to Statista.

You can try Adext AI and choose a plan that fits your ad spend, discover them here. We have several options that suit all kinds of budgets. Also, our plans are designed to bring you the benefits you are looking for, whether you belong to the agency world or are enterprise.

Got any feedback for us? We hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked this topic we recommend you should also read:



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