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3 Strong Ways to Automate Your Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

Known in digital marketing as one of the most effective expansion & conversion tools to date, Facebook ads are used by many companies around the world, because they uppers their chances of acquiring new customers.

Facebook ads are used by over 6 million advertisers every day. The also tend to give code crackers a 200% Return of Investment, meaning most advertisers make 2 dollars for every single they spend.

Furthermore, when it comes to lead generation within’ the Facebook ads game, the main goal is to know your product or service so well that you can identify your ideal customers to perfection, because it (identifying your ideal customer to the T) is what will make your product or service a favorite among users, & consequently position it as a heavy hitter of its branch.

To achieve the aforementioned success it is also important that you know that Facebook ads are not what they used to be; they’re intricate because they need to be sorted out through each user’s personalized experience. However, they also have much more tools to do so than they used to.

3 Ways to Automate Your Lead Generation with Facebook Ads 12

Facebook ads Expert, Paulius Melkūnas says:

“The platform is huge, algorithms are smart, but still they need time. Don’t turn on your ad & after 12-24 hours turn it off. The algorithms need to learn about your audience, have patience & an extra $5. Also don’t underrate interest targeting. You can get great results with it when kicking off with your Facebook ads effort. You can collect really relevant audiences & then go on advanced mode & try lookalike & retargeting tactics.”

Paulius Melkūnas is the author of Facebook Ads Tactics that’ll Skyrocket Sales & is also known to promote knowledge before action when it comes to aiming for lead generation. This simply because there are many common mistakes company marketers make when trying to optimize their ads without professional assistance. Said mistakes often cost as much money as an initial successful campaign ran by a professional digital marketing agency would.

Moreover, to further enhance companies’ quest for lead generation, Facebook has introduced its lead ads tool, which is basically an instant form; also known as lead generation form; that allows businesses to survey their potential customers directly through ads.

Facebook lead ads allow businesses to:

  • Gather personal information such as: emails, phone numbers, company names, & websites
  • Gather individual information on tastes, interests, age ranges & locations
  • Pre-fill forms with previously volunteered information from Facebook to increase form numbers.

Please note by the time a lead ads campaign is completed, brands know exactly what their clients expect, want & need, as well as how they expect it, how they want it & how they need it in order to convert. This allows enterprises to sharpen their branding experience to make the biggest revenue possible all the while continuing to expand & to reach new relevant audiences organically.

Lead generation don’ts

When venturing into the world of digital marketing you have to remember that the popularity & numbers that made your brand a lead generation tsunami matter for a certain niche; however, there is a whole new one expecting you to bring evolved ideas to the table via Facebook ads. Therefore, avoid making the following mistakes:

  1. Not including the right lead generation form fields for lead capture.
  2. Not including an intro section.
  3. Not considering your Facebook ads user’s experience across multiple devices.
  4. Using lead generation forms for a single purpose instead of multiple purposes.
  5. Not having automated follow-ups ready for when Facebook ads users finish their sign up.

Lead generation, as its name implies, is by definition: the creation of new opportunities of sales of service & products throughout the use of innovational techniques. Thus, if you want your business to lead generation, you not only have to come up with the best & most creative campaign possible, you also have to set it up & follow the adequate processes to perfect it. This given the fact that, in the world of Facebook ads lead generation automatization, there’s no room for interpretation.

The 3 Most Reliable Ways to Automate Your Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

3 Ways to Automate Your Lead Generation with Facebook Ads 12 3

1.Offer something for FREE & use the word FREE in your Facebook Ads

It might sound simple & predictable, but using the word free & giving something away will reel in more attention than a super innovational plan. Remember, if it isn’t broken it doesn’t need fixing. People love giveaways & Facebook ads first-time customers are no different. The more impressions & engagements your giveaway gets the higher ranking your Facebook ads will have; thus, the better their automatization will become in its path to lead generation.

2.Nurture & ask your Facebook Ads audience

If you want your business to achieve real, sustainable lead generation, then one of the best ways to fasten the process is to ask qualifiable questions. In Facebook ads, & the network in general, the best leads are qualified leads, so asking questions that generate qualified leads; complete with prefilled or volunteered information such as: email, interests, work, etc.; are sure to give your business more than enough material to sharpen your goods, customer service & over all experience to make potential customers long-run convertors.

Remember to note that: it is more important to tend to your target audience’s needs, to secure them for extended terms, than to get them to buy once. A solid, satisfied base will guarantee your business excellent online reputation, which will yield on lead generation.

3.Understand the heaviness of mobiles in the lead generation game

Digital marketing is not what it used to be, Facebook ads now lead you straight to your item or service without even leaving the app; you can literally checkout & still be on Facebook, so don’t underestimate the possibility of putting your heavy bodywork on mobile ads, because it is a proven fact that people prefer mobile these days. Also, don’t forget to survey subscribed customers via SMS periodically if they’ve volunteered their phones on your lead formats.


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