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8 Cool Tips to Create High Converting Facebook Ads Images

“Digital marketing has opened a door for all types of businesses to expand – Facebook ads have become their main connection with new audiences,” says Digital Manager at Bridgestone Fabrizio Trentacosti.

Facebook ads are a proven game-changer of the digital age & the thing that makes them so appealing is that they remain affordable while the converting rate continues to rise.

Facebook ads are reliable, measurable, adaptable, & easily placeable, that’s why, when the 2.2 billion overall users & 1.6 billion logins a day facts are taken into account, Facebook ads become a no brainer for companies with big aspirations.

80 million business profiles, & 6 million of them actively making direct transactions, engagements or inquiries with their customer base or potential target audiences on a daily basis, just come to show how Facebook ads have become a must.

Furthermore, with the recent change in Facebook’s algorithms, users now get the best of all worlds.

Digital Media Consultant, Evan Weber, says:

“Facebook spending is not going to plateau any time soon. It’s going to keep growing. Companies are still figuring out how to make it work. Agencies will help them figure out how much of the budget to put in there & how to make it effective.”

& performance excellence is exactly what Facebook technicians are aiming for with the shift in algorithms that now allows users to get personalized experiences instead of a mix of them with stuffing.

In the new algorithms, there’s no space for anything that isn’t relevant for a user’s individual experience, so if your Facebook ads show up on an individual’s timeline, that’s because she or he made a move that the network linked to your ad.


If you sell language learning courses & products — & said individual looked for pages related to that or for information that’s related to learning courses or the keywords & interests that you attached to your Facebook ads — then the next time she or he opens Facebook your ad will be right there front & center to show them the results they’ve been looking for. The idea of this AI is to out-think potential customers to basically read their minds so their most remote needs are met; while you get the best engagement, conversion & return of investment.

However, in a spectrum where one can look for basically anything —  & advertisers can sell to basically everyone — what makes your Facebook ads stand apart?

According to Trentacosti it is the eye-popping images that make the difference in the ads world.

“The point is to create eye candy; viewers can’t ignore visuals that appeal to their precise thoughts & needs & a good set up will bring your Facebook ads before their eyes, all you’ve got to do then is create ads that appeal to the senses so that it makes them want to stop scrolling & look again.”

So, how can you create high converting Facebook ads images?

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You may start by following the tips below.

1. Quick contact imaging

In one of his talks, Fabrizio points out what we mentioned previously — quick attention-grabbing images.

Facebook ads setting is a sphere where technicalities matter because those technicalities are the ones that put you in front of the right crowds; however, once you got the technical aspects of your image down, you need to focus on having an image that is captivating.

You may have the right measures, the right pixels, the right text quantity & the right distribution, but if your image does not visually appeal to the senses that your target audience is looking for, it will fade into obscurity & they will go for one that strikes them more interesting; even if the offerings & products or services are not as good.

2. The power of the quality image

Even if the products &/or services aren’t as good, Facebook ads metrics have shown that, if the ad image is better, people will think of the business as better.

Example: your product is higher quality & you’re offering a 30% discount, while a lower quality producer offers 20% OFF in their ad, people will tend to think their offering is lower because they are higher quality than yours, even if the only difference is that you’re giving them a better deal & a better good.

3. Share-able, colorful, appealing images

Graciously arranging your products in a frame with bright, inviting, playful & complimentary colored backgrounds, that simply look nice, is a must. If it looks eye-popping they’ll click, & in some cases share. If it looks eye-melting they’ll even want to convert only based on the visual beauty of it.

4. Relevancy in a pic

Say your company sells healthy eating programs, well then don’t just give your target audience a nutritional table with some images of nicely photographed healthy foods; give them a nicely dressed girl, eating her nicely prepared meal with a smile on her face.

5. Make the relevant image inspirational

Adding background images of her being successful — complete with stats & a bit of social proof  is a winning Facebook ad combination because, aside from being positively perceived, she will become inspirational. You want them to want to be her, not to ponder table data. This is the same reason why models are important; you want the sweater to look as good in you as it does on her.

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6. Facebook ads proposal

Once you get the girl, you got to make a proposal. Don’t forget your Facebook ads should include the aforementioned image complete with a direct proposal that tells your targets why they should engage with your ad.

7.  Pop the command

Once you’ve told your targets why they should engage, you should now ask them to take action (call them to action).

Buy now! Learn more! Shop the offer now! Get 40% OFF this ad! Are only a few examples of commands you should be including.

8. Facebook ads facial expressions

Metrics have proven target audiences are more driven to faces & facial expressions than any other type of image on the network. Don’t be afraid to use images of faces that adapt to your business &/or the message it’s trying to get across.


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