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Expert Guide on How To Master Facebook Ads Manager With 3 Simple Considerations

Facebook is the second largest digital marketing platform in the world. Hand in hand with Google’s ads system, Facebook ads manager provides a reliable platform for over six million companies around the globe.

Facebook ads manager has changed a lot since its launch late last decade. Back then, the ads manager offered to boost organic reach to over three or four times its regular impact. Nowadays, it offers tools to put ads in front of audiences, as organic reach has hit an all-time low of 7%.

It is important to note that the all-time low has not been caused by a systematical deficiency, instead, it has been provoked by the network’s recent algorithm adjustment made to provide a personalized experience to over 2.2 billion users.

“Imagine having the largest user traffic in a network & all of them providing content of different intents & purposes at the same time for all their network of friends to see. It is impossible to keep up; things that matter to users would be lost in a sea of irrelevant content. That’s why the algorithm had to change & with said change had to come the change of the Facebook ads manager tool,” says Global Digital Marketing Manager, Marion Barel.

& the truth is such, it was impossible to handle algorithms & marketing tools the same way in the midst of an expansion of said caliber; thus, it became more intricate yet more precise — & more importantly — more profitable.

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How can you master the new Facebook ads manager?

The first thing you would have to take into account is that digital agencies boomed because Internet optimization grew to a degree where artificial intelligence runs a show so well-orchestrated that it almost seems to be reading people’s mind to be able to cater to their every need. But, the times when you could open your Facebook ads manager from your office & make a few choices here & there to get reasonable ROI is long gone — you need a professional to handle AI.

Have you ever noticed that you mention a brand or a desired good out loud & next thing you know you seem to stumble into a commercial with enough appeal about what you mentioned to catch your eye & leave you wondering if your phone can really hear you?

Artificial intelligence is in everything — & it is in the Facebook ads manager too. That’s why algorithms can immediately hook you & your clients up with whatever you need; the only thing you need is to know the road to successful ad copies might not be that of one or two or three or more tries; you got to dust off the patience & save an extra $5 because sharpening can take time.

However, to truly master Facebook ads manager a company owner or marketer must know by heart that Facebook ads manager is the operation center where all ads will be sent over to their target destinations — at a certain time, in a certain way & for a determined period. It is also important for businesses to know which ads will best fit their campaign so that they can properly select the Facebook ads manager elements that will rule them.

Every Facebook ads manager Campaign Should Be Tailor-made

Marion Barel observes that every campaign must be treated differently in the Facebook ads manager because, though the tools serve steady purposes, the way they are applied defines their conversion rate.

Facebook ads manager is not as much about learning how to use it by heart as it is about understanding what you can do with each individual function in each particular case. Conversion success relies on data analysis, but also on pattern analysis, so if you really want to master Facebook ads manager you got to be willing to be continuously seeing it through the lens.”

Barel adds that when it came to her own work she took the aforementioned in mind to create Carousel ads that rotated on a totally atypical manner yet they turned out to be a success.

She tells the story on how her company was working on a webinar that wasn’t meant for any type of promotion available on the Facebook ads manager yet the network sent her a message saying her post was getting more engagement & impressions than other posts she had so it was suggested she boost it to reach a larger audience.

Carousel Ads Could Be The Answer

Barel went with it but decided to use Carousel ads in an unusual way to prove herself Facebook ads manager is more about understanding cores than following steps.

“We promoted our webinar using several types of ads on Facebook ads manager, but ultimately learned Carousel Ads were most effective. We exceeded our registration goal by 55% & were able to decrease our cost per registration by more than 50% between the start & the finish of the campaign. We optimized using device targeting & launching Carousel Ads which performed better on mobile devices & Instagram. On Android & iPhone specifically, Carousel ads generated 5 times more registrations than image ads. Thanks to our high-converting Carousel ads (16.74%), the overall conversion rate was 11.26%, with Image ads converting at 8.27%.”

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Follow the Guidelines

The successful campaign also proved that there are certain guidelines that can be created around Facebook ads manager to pave the way for better results; however, said guidelines have to be subjected to experimentation with the following three things in mind.

  1. Conversion comes in many shapes & forms, but will never happen if the landing page area is not 100% polished.
  2. All ideas are plausible as long as they don’t overlook keyword listings, company vision & an overall pre-established goal.
  3. A successful campaign is one that generates long-run engagement, not one-time sales, as well as a ROI of around 175% to 200%.


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