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7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Reaching Their Top Performance

Facebook ads— one of the most buzzed-about tools of modern digital marketing— have been around for over a decade & have changed a lot since their introduction in 2007.

Back then, Facebook ads were a commodity instead of a need [like they are today] & it was up to companies to choose if they used them or not. Nowadays, businesses who aspire to have a decent presence in the digital world can’t turn a blind eye on them, because Facebook is the biggest social media empire in the world.

Over 2.2 billion users & 1.6 billion logins a day—with each user spending an average 46 minutes to an hour scrolling through its many tabs— are not statics companies can shy away from.

Facebook ads Expert Caitlin Sellers Castevens, states that over 93% of online marketers are using Facebook ads as a pivotal part of their online campaigns as of the second half of 2019. She also says that the first impression her clients have shown when exposed to the multiple wonders of Facebook ads is to think that their automated systems will keep their advertisements vibrant & fresh.

“The most common misconception about Facebook ads is thinking their presets will move to the pace of ever-changing algorithms or that they will adapt to the ever-evolving tastes of people & commercial strategiesthat move in hopes of keeping up with general needs & wants; that’s never the case.”

The truth of the matter is that most business owners get caught up in the artificial intelligence pandemonium; thus, making a lot of mistakes. Yes, the Facebook ads Manager has companies covered with regards to the tools that they need for their advertisements, yes,  it is designed to make their money’s worth & to give them the expected return of investment; however, it is not designed to do the heavy lifting for them. Artificial intelligence is amazing, but it isn’t there yet.

Caitlin Sellers’s words are backed up by those of Content Marketing Expert, Blogger Extraordinaire, & Programmer Jon Morrow, who’s known for constantly reminding his audiences that he’s convinced content marketers often underestimate the value of getting right to the heart of their audience’s problems.

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About it, Caitlin Sellers adds:

“It is important for marketers to set up & use Facebook ads correctly or not use them at all if they can’t. By taking short cuts, not keeping up with algorithm changes, & poorly executing ads, business owners run the risk of wasting their money, of not getting the results they are looking for, & most importantly, of losing opportunities with potential customers.”

But what are some of the bad practices that could potentially ruin your  Facebook ads & make your company waste money? Below are 7 reasons why your Facebook ads could fail to reach their top performance potential.

1.Requiring a 360 take on your Facebook ads

One of the key elements many experts recognize tanks or defines your Facebook ads is looking or not at all the possibilities that lie within’ your spectrum & using the metrics available to the core. You also should never make high priority objectives the sole focus of your actions, because the baby steps & achievements that build them up to their highest potential are most important to look at & to sharpen.

Many experts, including the aforementioned, consider Facebook ads “a 42 km marathon, not a sprint.”

Of course, immediate rotations will boost your brand’s presence, your conversion chances, your conversation, & in some cases your sales, but in order to get your company on a steady ROI train, you must take each day as comes. There is no easy way around Facebook ads. There’s a lot of head-spinning & pen-pounding to do when in the quest of a strategy that’s strong enough to rough through the constant changes. It may take a little longer, you may need to work harder, but you will build something that lasts.

2.Being oblivious to Facebook Pixels

One of the main reasons why experts suggest the help of a digital marketing agency is because do-it-yourself business owners are oblivious or don’t know how to use Facebook Pixels to measure the results they’ll use as a sharpening method. The questions are: do you know what they are, how to use them & are you taking the most advantage out of them? If the answer is no, you need help.

3.Selecting the wrong audience

Facebook ads aren’t what they used to be because the chances of reaching your target audience by foot are dismal. Proper targeting is a blend of life events, interests, locations, contacts, behaviors & similar audiences. If you don’t understand who you need to reach, & how to do it, your targeting will turn out too narrow, too broad or just wrong.

7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Reaching Their Top Performance

4.Creating poor Instant Forms

Facebook lead ads now offer the chance of surveying potential customers through Instant Forms that are both to gather information & to measure it. However, many business owners continue thinking that knowing their business means knowing how to ask right. Don’t make this your case; starting a strategy built on disinformation or bits & pieces of right is setting yourself up to fail, hire a professional!

5. Not making your ads interesting

The times when a nice marquee, a list of products & a teacher pointing at them sold are over. You need social proof, flamboyance, movement & offers. A great slogan that appeals to need is also helpful, but if you don’t jump off the page, you’re wasting your time & money.

6. Failing to keep your copy to the point

Facebook doesn’t allow much text on Facebook ads yet company marketers always seem to find a way to fill them up with loads of text despite the fact that an image is worth a thousand words & actions are louder than them (words.)

7. A sad and loveless landing page

You got your potential customer to click yet your landing page is a mess, yet you believe you can do it yourself because no one knows how to sell your business better than you? What lies ahead is a budget wasted on clicks that will not convert to ROI. Over 90% of clickers fail to convert— even when willing to— simply because they landed in a poorly presented landing page.


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