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The Perfect Strategy To Automate The Optimization Of Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most reliable tools of modern marketing because the network’s 1.6 billion daily users spend a combined 2 hours a day scrolling through their news feed & running into ads that are relevant to their needs & wants.

It is important to note that Facebook ads have been so finely sharpened over the past 5 years that their artificial intelligence now has the ability to rotate a copy as many times as needed in order for a single audience member to see it.

“It all depends on what works best for each target. If the algorithm has statics that show that a certain member of a demographic has a tendency to engage with lead ads instead of video ads then it will rotate the lead ads for him/her to upper the announcer’s chances of conversion. This might increase the CPC, but Facebook ads are all about disregarding the few extra bucks in the name of strong bond creation,” says senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller.

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Busting optimization myths

There are a lot of myths & a lot of misconceptions when it comes to explaining how automation & optimization works within’ Facebook ads. Some company owners & marketers think that because the Facebook ads manager provides tools with enough AI to make copy placements that are worth the expense, that means that once set the handlers can literally forget about the copies & just refill the budget every now & then.

Automation goes hand in hand with Facebook ads optimization because it serves the purpose of suggesting presets for companies to have a sense of guidance through copy creation.

According to Facebook’s very own Business Help Center, the pivotal part of automation is to gather information on what matters to a business. This way, the network can provide automated suggestions on what foundations to build a campaign on, where to run it, what are the best ways to approach its demographic, for how long, how frequently & with what types of ads. It actually states automation takes the guessing out of Facebook ads optimization.

Nonetheless, the work of a business owner — in order for the automated systems to provide the best optimization options — has to be maneuvered prior to setting up a campaign.

John Mueller says:

“If a business is expecting automation to decipher what is valuable to them in a campaign, then they are in for a treat because automation provides options based on what you want & expect; it doesn’t tell you what you should want or expect.”


If you want to sell 100 cellphone cases while securing a customer base of 20 buyers, then you need to provide that information & the automated systems of  Facebook ads will give you options on how to reach your highest optimization.

However, if you don’t know how many cellphone cases you want to sell or to whom & are expecting a random number of base customers or even just one-time buyer, then it is probable that you will be providing data that will prevent the Facebook ads automation system from giving you the aforementioned suggestions. Most importantly, it will prevent it (the system) from building a metrics base that allows it to give you future options on adjustments for best performance & copy improvements.

Doing the human work for Facebook ads optimization

Before jumping into automating your optimization on Facebook ads, the human work has to be done with such attention to detail that your strategy comes about in total crispness. To achieve said goal you should:

  • Know your product or service to the core
  • Have clear views of who you want your product or service to appeal to
  • Reel out the wishful thoughts of audiences that are going to cost you more money than they will make you
  • Avoid over-expansive thoughts, because expansion has to be done gradually not at once
  • Define age ranges, interests & similar campaigns
  • Know your competitor’s digital marketing works

Breaking down the perks of Facebook ads optimization

To fully enjoy the perks of Facebook ads optimization you must understand the automation options offered by the Facebook ads Manager — they are the following.

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1.The creation of multiple versions of your Facebook ads

The Facebook ads optimization system gives you the chance to create up to 6 different versions of your copy in order for you to have the best results possible.

This ad optimization feature will also suggest action buttons that best fit your conversion or engagement intentions & how much more or less text you should add to each of the 6 variations of your copy, in order for them to have the ideal amount of information viewers need.

Please note that the information will be taken from your page so it (your page’s information) should be updated, brief & on point at all times; this is part of the human work needs to be constantly reviewed & sharpened.

Please also note that once rotation begins & continues for a few days — the Facebook ads optimization feature will automatically show you the copy version that is performing best. This way you can either bid higher or make different copies based on its elements.

2. Budget recommendations

Once your copies have rotated for a few days you must watch out for the manager’s automated budget suggestions. This budget suggestions will be based on the engagement & performance of your ad & will be intended to increase its optimization without having to make setting or interest adjustments.

3. Audience tailoring for better Facebook ads optimization

This feature will play a key factor in your optimization because it will provide audience options based on your pre-entered information. It may also offer you customized audience options based on the people who like your page, the people near your business, your locations or the people who have interests related to those of your business.


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