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The Coolest 2019 Ultimate Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide

Facebook ads are one of the powerhouse tools of the digital age. They’re potential success is so mammoth that only Google ads can give this social media giant a run for its money so, when it comes to targeting, Facebook ads are not to be taken lightly.

It is a well-known fact that millions of companies around the world have given Facebook ads a go since their launch over a decade ago. However, only 6 million of them have made them their top marketing tool, mainly because most enterprises are oblivious to the fact that companies succeeding in the Facebook ads game are making 2 dollars for every dollar they invest. An additional virtue of Facebook ads, for those who have ventured into its intricate yet profitable path, is that businesses who used to operate under territorial restraints have now went the distance with their products & services.

“Businesses have found the gateway they needed on Facebook ads. They got their audience all in one place, they can measure they’re interactions & impressions, they can research their tastes via their profiles, they can ask them questions, they can make changes, they can make them offers they know they’ll forcefully see, they can sell anywhere in the world at a low cost &, in worst case scenarios, they can completely change their demographics, because there are 2.4 billion people on Facebook,” says Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal and co-founder of Foundation Digital.

The main thing a business has to know about Facebook ads, when trying to reposition their brand in the most popular network in the world, is that Facebook wants its users to have a personalized experience so, even though they make 70% of their revenue off advertising, they’re not willing to compromise their user’s experience for a quick buck.

Facebook ads expert & author of Facebook Ads Tactics that’ll Skyrocket Sales, Paulius Melkūnas, suggests marketers have patience, will to explore, bound-breaking thoughts, & guideline-defying mindsets when it comes to campaign creation. He also suggests they ask themselves these questions BEFORE starting their retargeting journey:

  1. Who are the authority figures, thought leaders, or big brands in your niche?
  2. What’s special about your group?
  3. What interests does your ideal customer read?
  4. What websites do they frequent?
  5. What tools do they use?
  6. What’s completely & utterly unique about them?

It is important that brands reentering the Facebook ads experience are also aware of the fact that they’ll be able to ask the previous questions through a new Facebook tool called: Facebook lead ads.

Facebook lead ads allow enterprises to gather information from potential clients straight from their mobile or desktop ads. They also allow people to click on a form that presets their name & email, and then asks them several key questions about a certain topic; there is no longer a need to send potential customers to a landing page where they have to fill out a form from scratch & hit send. With Facebook leads they got it all in one place & are done within’ a few seconds.

“It takes no time for potential customers to fill a brand in on their needs & wants. However, it’s valuable information that allows the advertiser to sharpen their branding experience, their campaigns & their products & or services as a whole.” – Purna Virji, senior manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft.

The 2019 UltimateThe 2019 Ultimate Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide 2

Our 2019 Ultimate Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide

1.Keep calm & reconnect with your audience

Retargeting Facebook ads means your brand’s been there, so remember if you’re reintroducing your business into your former digital customer base there is no need to rush the sales pitch. Instead reintroduce yourself, generate brand awareness campaigns that remind your clients why they loved you in the first place, & tell them you’re bringing new things to their table without sounding like a force-feeding machine & without being too specific on what the new things are. Slowly but surely become present in their lives again & make it interesting so they start a conversation & keep it going. Remember the market has changed & Facebook ads have all the elements to make your business succeed. Don’t rush it!

2.Create innovational & interactive Facebook ads

Through every part of your retargeting process it is pivotal that you remember that things have changed since your brand’s last Facebook ads set, so your business’s marketer better be ready to offer your customers visual content that engages them, quotes from renown figures in your niche that validate your trajectory, slogans that are smooth & relatable, as well as questions that make your audience aware of the need or want for your product or services.

3.Make their landing smooth

Your Facebook ads may cover all the guidelines listed in points 1 & 2, but if your landing page is messy or heavy, meaning it requires users to search for their wanted good again or it takes too long to show it, your conversion might be at risk; conversions fall through 10% of times because of landing page issues. Keep your page crisp.

4.Make sure they know you’re walking them through the experience

Once you’re back in your customer’s life, then you’ll be able to start offering a healthy mix of those things they loved & the new stuff you got. However, this time around you’ll enhance their experience by making sure they follow through with their conversions; & if they don’t do so, you’ll be sure to subtly push them to come through by sending them an automated email that’ll remind them that they’ve yet to finish their order.

The 2019 UltimateThe 2019 Ultimate Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide Facebook Ads Retargeting Guide 3

5.Make an offer they can’t resist

If your Facebook ads were a success, but your retargeted client got cold feet despite your reassurance email, then make them an offer they can’t resist. Remember they’re getting to know your business from a new standpoint, so regaining their trust with a good discount will help them remember why you rocked their world in the first place.


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