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4 Practical Facebook Lead Ads Tips to Use Today

Facebook introduced Facebook Lead ads to further enhance the commercial experience of brands & businesses who advertise via their platform.

Facebook is known to make over 73% of its daily revenue from digital advertising. It is also known to make over 13 billion dollars a year in advertising fees as of 2018, as well as to have 2.2 billion users worldwide, out of which over 85% are outside of the USA & Canada.

When Facebook introduced Facebook Lead ads, many companies were quick to look into them & how they could benefit from their tools. However, many others remained skeptical mainly because they haven’t fully understood how much easier their audience analysis could become if they measure preferences, needs, wants & conversation through Facebook Lead ads.

Those regular Facebook advertisers need to know that Facebook Lead ads are a part of the network’s Lead Generation scheme to enhance their on-going process of building relevant audience interest in goods. This is achieved through the implementation of campaigns that include lead generation features such as instant formats.

Instant formats are a Facebook Lead ads feature that encourages & allows customers to fill out “Instant Forms”. They include personal information, volunteered interests, segmentation statics, opinion about certain products, services, goods, brands, brand experiences, campaigns, landing pages, future needs & wants of a specific branch, online reputation or reviews, etc. Facebook Lead ads contain key information as well as contact information to further enhance a business’s measurement accuracy.

Facebook Lead ads are also of the essence to track lead conversion events within’ an ad inside the network’s page, or from a company’s landing page. To measure conversion events from a landing page outside of Facebook, businesses require an additional tool called Facebook Pixel Tool. The Facebook Pixel Tool allows managers to manually review conversion statics from Facebook Lead ads embedded on a landing page. All an account or community manager needs to access the Pixel Tool info is its access key or password.

Allison Quirk, a Digital Marketing & Paid Acquisition Expert, says: Facebook Lead ads are the most reliable tools of the Facebook Ads Manager today. When used creatively, they not only show you regular numbers, but they action patterns, history & track records of potential customers, regarding your brand, products or services, as well as a whole niche.

Therefore, if you want your brand to thrive through a collection of data, conversation with clients & appeal to their needs read these 4 tips about Facebook Lead ads. They are tried by SEO experts.

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1. Don’t gather data, scavenge-hunt for complete profiles & patterns

One thing Allison Quirk highlights during her speaking events is that her company never tried to gather the average data to graph stats & then throw conversations in the mix to see what came out of the blend of both. Instead, before creating an ads campaign to promote goods, her team created Facebook Lead ads that went deeper into the world of their target audience.

“The goal is to go the extra mile because the devil is in the details if you know your target audience to the core, then you can give them exactly what they desire, or even better, you can give them things that they didn’t even know they needed or wanted. That’s the magic of squeezing all the juice out of Facebook Lead ads. We analyzed pages that users tend to visit before conversion — our pricing page, features page, & a few customer story pages. We then took the top 25% of all site visitors to those pages who had not reached a conversion event. Drilling down even further, we got hyper-targeted only to serve those who are in our target market with regards to the industry, company size, job function, & location.”

2.Extra-mile bidding

If your company is familiar with digital ads either on Facebook, on Google or on Display Networks, then you are probably familiar with bidding, as well as with how it can be applied generally or specifically.

Head Marketer, Liam Boogar-Azoulay, took bidding one step further on his company’s last Facebook Lead ads campaign. According to him, the core of his bidding strategy was to treat predictions as actual transactions, to train the ad’s algorithm to optimize only their quality leads. Said tactic resulted in a 300% conversion increase for his company & double the ROI.

“We sent predictive lead scoring data to Facebook’s bidding optimization AI & trained Facebook to optimize bidding based on the predicted spend of each lead.”

4 Practical Facebook Lead Ads Tips to Use Today 10

3. Make Facebook Lead Ads for specific potential convertors

It is a well-known fact that lead ads include forms designed to gather information from target audiences; however, going a step further in how specific that audience is, & how the information & answers they turn in will enhance conversion, is something that SEO Company Founder, Ruben Aguirre found most helpful.

By selecting a topic within’ your offering & sending out the ads to audiences interested only in that specific subject or offering, you are sure to obtain outstanding online reputation, conversion & steady ROI increases.

4. Make Facebook Lead ads that target people looking for specific prices

Similar to way #3, this option is founded on targeting people within’ a branch of your demographic, that have shown previous interest for goods within’ a certain price range. You’ll do this with the help of a professional marketing agency, & with your eyes set on retargeting your ads to show only in front of people in your niche who have previously visited your pricing page or pricing pages of companies similar to yours.



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