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9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is the lifeline of modern advertising, just as TV channels, radio stations, & magazines were once the bread & butter of traditional marketing. 

Artificial intelligence is the one element that has the power to make or break a campaign, because in 2019 there is no way to walk around artificial intelligence & still be functional & effective as a company or as a living human.

Think of one thing that you can do without using AI. Now think of one way your business can excel, have massive reach & outstanding success without having to spend millions in mergers? The answer is artificial intelligence, that’s the proof that there’s hardly any way around it nowadays.

Artificial intelligence & machine expert Andrew Ng, describes AI as the new electricity saying quote:

“Just as electricity started being used to power everything 100 years ago, artificial intelligence is being added to everything now. Electricity disrupted transportation, factories, marketing & more, now artificial intelligence is disrupting everything & shifting the core of knowledge, marketing & economy.”

That statement is not only true, but thought provoking, because AI is quickly affecting the way digital marketers strategize, so if companies refuse to use the ever-growing marketing tools provided by the new wave, competitors that don’t refuse out run them for sure.

9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Facebook Marketing.

Looking at it from the digital marketing provider stand point, artificial intelligence is pivotal to making clients lead the way, be head of the game & top of their branch; it’s simply impossible to overlook it, but how does AI affect the likes of Facebook marketing & Google ads?

As interesting & broad a question as it is, AI disruption should be treated separately when it comes to Facebook & Google, because, while they might be similar in theory, their algorithms dance to individual beats.

In the case of Facebook marketing, AI disrupts it in almost every way possible, mainly because it forces constant changes in all areas.

Here are 9 ways artificial Intelligence disrupts Facebook Marketing:

1. Automatization & algorithms

When talking about AI disruption over Facebook marketing, it is impossible not to begin by ranking automatization & algorithms at the top of the list, because these two elements are the wheels of digital marketing carts.

While digital marketing tools & strategies are outstandingly advanced & evolving by the minute, it is hard for human workforce to keep up with them as proudly as their creators do.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook has between 1.59 & 2.41 billion users; 1.58 billion people use it on a daily basis. Therefore, the network has to continuously develop new ways of giving said users the most personalized, enjoyable & filtered experience possible.

To do so, they have to be sure that organic & paid reach is limited to only those who want to see said content; hence, the disruption in Facebook marketing.

Campaign creators constantly have to analyze, update & twitch their ads to keep them from fading into obscurity, a thing they wouldn’t have to do if these two AI elements remained static.

2. ETA For Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing distinguishes itself from Google advertising, because Google ads take longer to pick up steam than Facebook ads.

According to Top Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers, Jeff Bullas; who’s recognized as so by business giant Forbes Magazine; Facebook marketing campaigns can reel in great results within’ a few days of starting. However, a company should never take this affirmation at heart without taking into account that the estimated time of arrival (ETA) may & will vary depending on artificial intelligence changes.

Ex: a business might be expecting ROI within’ a certain budget & time frame, but if the algorithm changes while its running, both the budget & time frame are set to change, regardless of how well thought out the strategy is.

3. Facebook Marketing is made to help Marketers

While the assumption that artificial intelligence will disrupt the human job sounds terrifying, SEO Expert Neil Patel has repeatedly affirmed that AI will not disrupt, but assist humans in the simplification & sharpening of Facebook marketing campaigns, in hopes of increasing effectiveness, analysis & Return of Investment.

4. Facebook marketing CPC (Cost per click)

The one thing you can be sure artificial intelligence will disrupt within’ Facebook marketing, is costs per click. The previous, because when organic reach is affected by segmentation, costs will shift regardless of settings. They might increase or decrease, but it’s sure to be for the sake of ROI.

5.  Facebook Marketing outsource apps

Apps like Trapica, Artificial Intelligence Target, ReFUEL 4, Zalster & Slack (which includes the renowned Facebook marketing tool, Reveal Bot) are also tools your business can use to positively impact or furtherly enhance the performance of your business’s Facebook marketing campaigns.

6. Programmatic Advertising

In the last couple of years, Facebook has been making heavy progress in predictive analysis. Predictive analytics are powered by artificial intelligence to anticipate customer behaviors in order to sharpen campaigns.

9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Facebook Marketing 3 1

7. Budget Management

With the help of a top digital agency team, artificial intelligence can manage budgets for demographic groups, as well as suggest over 400 possible adjustments, all designed to optimize Facebook marketing budgets to their maximum performance.

8. Bot tackling machinery

In order to preserve the effectiveness of Facebook marketing, Facebook acquired artificial intelligence companies such as: Bloomsbury artificial intelligence & Ozlo, which are now responsible of removing bots that may filter into your business’s Facebook marketing campaigns in the form of false engagements, impressions or conversions, so if you encounter disrupted or drastically changing statics, it may just be the clean-up that Facebook is pumping to ensure companies like yours get reliable results & ROI.

9. Facebook Marketing AI-assisted Content

This tool that helps provide a better understanding of what your target audience needs is designed to suggest content ideas that offer you clearer perspectives & irrelevance-free schemes, so that your campaigns look exactly as what your target audiences expect them to look.


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