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4 Proven Ways to Sell More Online With Google Ads

In the last decade, the digital market place has grown to become the largest platform for businesses to sell their products & services and Google Ads has played a pivotal role in reaching that milestone.

According to metrics from the first half of the year, Google Ads gives companies an average 200% Return of Investment, while Google owns 73% of the total online market share.

Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Jackson says:

“It took Google Ads over 15 years to sharpen its software to a point where artificial intelligence can automatedly search & find a niche so precise that businesses can turn a potential customer into a base client in only a few copy expositions. From there artificial intelligence withinGoogle Ads will track people who are close to that one target element  — & that have similar tastes —  to showcase the same ad to them at a lower cost.”

The only twist Google Ads have when it comes to achieving the aforementioned goal is that companies have to target them properly & with the help of a professional marketing agency that knows exactly how to make a company owner’s vision of a campaign come to life in a way that gets their message across.

It is well-known that sales dynamics have changed a lot in the last few years& when it comes to  Google Ads  — that change relies on the fact that ads no longer have to convince people, they have to entice them so people can convince themselves. There are ways to do better with one’s Google Ads, but the golden principle is to know that people have options now, so there is no way to put things down their throats or force-feed them anything they don’t feel like having.

“The fact that people no longer need you but instead are choosing to have you has changed the whole marketing approach in the digital sphere. A Google Ads copy shouldn’t focus on forceful advertising, instead, it should focus on creating a subtle sense of urge & need that does not compromise well-being,” states Chief Marketing Officer, Casey Armstrong.

4 proven ways to sell more online with google ads 25


When trying to sell a product like orthopedic sneakers former ads would read:

“Don’t risk your spinal health by allowing yourself to wear ordinary shoes! It’s a proven fact that 4 out of 5 people with spinal issues end up with permanent injuries for wearing ordinary shoes! Don’t risk it, call now!”

In the world of Google Ads today the aforementioned ad has a different angle, enticement & shorter words.

“The time has come to make a change; don’t wait on a life free of pain! A new day starts today with 20% OFF your first order. Order now, only a few pairs left!”

The sales pitch remains strong & upfront & it offers only a light view of the benefits while adding a first-time trust discount; it also includes a subtle yet hard to ignore the sense of urgency that they are about miss out. All of this so that the targeted audience member makes the decision for himself, but with a higher probability to go the converting way.

Google Ads secrets revealed

One thing that has to be understood when in the quest to create a Google Ads campaign that will defy the odds, break the Internet, get buzz as a lead generation example & of course make for great Return of Investment, is that no way is the only way, despite what anyone might say.

There are many experts who will try to put every campaign through the same guidelines & try to make it work. Nonetheless, not everything is for everybody & no one has the gospel when it comes to Google Ads. So if you are trying to sell more through Google Ads it is best that you partner with an agency who values fresh insight & ideas outside of the norm, while you remember to include these 4 essentials that have proven to hype sales when mixed with innovative ideas & great technical & targeting settings.

4 proven ways to sell more online with google ads 26

1.Social Proof

If you are familiar with digital marketing, & the ads, then you’ve probably heard the term social proof be thrown around the boardroom before. This because marketers & talented agency specialists know it is the perfect compliment for innovation. Now the highlighted word in this ad-sales-raiser is a compliment because adding social proof without its leveled dose of creativity is just like trying to make a gourmet meal following freezer food instructions.

Social proof; however, especially from a well-known field expert, celebrity, network or publication can increase your ROI because people love when someone with credibility & aspirational qualities tells them its good for them.

2.The mirror effect

The mirror effect is one that few companies apply because they don’t study the logic behind the target’s search so they don’t understand what potential convertors want to hear or read.


The seeker types in: “help to get stains out of a shirt.”

Then your Google Ads should read “Tired of stains? Get your shirt back to factory mode.”

What you need to do is get their solution clearly laid in the headline.

3.Google Ads that speak with the heart

One thing that has proven to increase Google Ads conversion rates is getting close to people’s hearts. Calling your audience YOU is OK, but if you want to upper your sales you might want to try an approach of we, us, me, I, myself, first-person persuasion.

4. Focus on local

Although it is understandable that when you see the mammoth potential reach of a Google Ads  campaign you want to grab it like an apple & take your company to expansion-Ville once & for all, experts like Brian Jackson & Casey Armstrong suggest you keep it local & work your way & resources up that latter, because that latter gives you higher ROI; it’s better to sell 300 units in the West Coast than 30 in 30 different countries.


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