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Protect Your Google Ads Performance Avoiding these 7 Huge Mistakes

Google ads performance is a pivotal factor in the world of modern marketing. Though the importance of digital & traditional marketing used to be leveled up, it is now safe to say that digital marketing is the environment where a business’s sight must be.

While in 2012 Google ads were still just another way to branch out in the marketing game, with 95% of their revenue coming from advertising, 91% of all searches being done through their browser, & with it being proven that businesses make 2 dollars for every single they invest on their platform, Google has become a marketing powerhouse one can’t turn a blind eye on.

During his Call to Action talks in 2018, SEO Specialist & Speaker, Todd Saunders, said quote:

“Many companies still treat Google ads as a secondary option they might look into, but not heavily invest in when trying to market a service or product. This wrongful thought leads companies of all branches & sizes to make campaigns that don’t generate any ROI or that generate ROI so dismal, that their digital marketing area doesn’t grow to be worth professional assistance.”

Even if it’s hard to believe, there are still some companies that don’t understand the importance of professional input on Google ads.

“How many of you have talked to your Google ads Account Manager or your Google Account Strategist in the last 30 days?” asks Todd Saunders.

Only a handful of business owners in a crowd of 400 raised their hands, which comes to show how superficially marketers treat Google ads, even though over 300 thousand apps now serve them to their users.

“It is a serious matter that companies don’t see Google ads as an expansion tool when it’s a known fact that over 72% of marketers who used AdWords 5 years ago were already thinking of increasing their pay-per-click budgets,” says Content Marketer & Digital Marketing Blogger, James Scherer.

Despite the previous, companies currently looking to grow, break their bounds & position themselves in front of new audiences, via the use of Google ads, also face performance problems because of their lack of due diligence.

“There are three types of business owners: the ones who don’t use professional Google ads assistance, the ones who do & the ones who don’t use Google ads at all; you should be the second.” Todd Saunders.

7 Reasons Your Google Ads Are Not Giving You a Top Performance 2

The 7 most common reasons why your business’s Google ads aren’t performing at full potential are:

1.You’re bidding wrong

Even though budgets look like an obvious matter, when it comes to Google ads they can’t be treated as such, because a daily budget for each ad is required before you can run it. Additionally there is a bidding section in which you need to stipulate how much money you’re willing to invest in each particular keyword set, so if said bid exceeds your general budget, ad exposure is sure to be limited or non-existent.

Furthermore, if bidding on a keyword is too low, ad exposure may yet again be limited or absent.

Bidding is hard to define, because a lot of elements have to be mixed properly to avoid hurting the performance of an ad; auctions, quality score, general budget, minimum daily budget, as well as keyword budgets, are some of them.

2.Your Google Ads are too complicated

Are you keeping your product or service too mysterious? If you’re targeting properly, but still not making the expected ROI, your Google ads may just be lacking simplicity & allure.

According to Google’s very own support page, the best way to increase the performance of a properly targeted ad is to remove the mystery questions that are falsely believed to encourage people to click & to replace them with short lines or slogans that state why your goods stand out from others in their branch. Describing your goods’ distinctive features is going to attract more conversions than unfounded mystery.

3.You’re not making your offers clear enough

Google ads are ranked by quality score & number of clicks; therefore, you may have the best products & services, the best targeting & still not get that 7% click-through-rate that ads in the top spot of every branch have, simply because a similar campaign is showing better offerings or just showing them off more clearly.

Let it be loud & clear that you got 50% OFF on your goods if you do. Let it be loud & clear that you ship for free or that you got a 3×1. The more clicks, the more conversion, the more conversion, the more ROI, the more clicks the better ranking. Be loud!

“Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.” – Laura Fitton, Author, Entrepreneur, & Twitter App Store Founder

4.You’re Google Ads are outdated

Google ads is an ever-changing sphere; what’s new today is old tomorrow, & what didn’t work yesterday may work again in a month, so regularly reviewing your ads to better their performance (add the trendy, & remove the dated elements) is mandatory.

5.Your budget is too low

As mentioned before, Google ads are a crucial element in modern marketing; however, if your company’s experimenting with them using low budgets, their performance might be compromised. A low budget almost guarantees your ad will be absent when & where it matters most.

7 Reasons Your Google Ads Are Not Giving You a Top Performance 3

6.Your ads are flakey

If your ads lack consistency in their daily budget, bidding, optimization, rotation &/or placement, they are set to perform low or fail. Keep them steady if you want them to perform better.

7.Lack of STR analysis on your Google Ads

If you want your ads to thrive, but you’re not periodically analyzing your ads Search Terms Report, you best kiss your campaign’s success goodbye. Search Terms Reports provide detailed information on how your ads’ traffic was driven in. It is the basis of all future updates, twitches & changes you make; the one PDF you need to read to know how to move within’ the first 6 points. 


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