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3 Cool Things Every Pro Should Know About Google Ads Updates

Google Ads — the mastermind tool behind Apple’s Always Promote Yourself campaign, that pushed the iPhone 7 to the stratosphere — is one that might have been recently renamed (it was formerly known as Google Adwords), but it’s also one that has definitely earned its place in digital marketing as a mega force that defines new age commerce.

“Every business in the market should be on Google Ads — regardless of its size & goals — people have changed, they don’t roam around their neighborhood looking for business signs anymore; they type in their zip code, & their need or want, & that’s all there is to it, so if you have a convenience store, a drug store, a pluming business or a multinational enterprise, Google Ads have something for you,” states SEO Expert, Tom Casano.

The thing with Google Ads is that its constant updates allow businesses to keep their ads fresh, modern, & most importantly, adjusting them to people’s needs.

“The point is cater to people’s needs, & convince them that the goods your business is selling are the ones that best suit them; we got to remember people have options now so there is no way to push things down their throats. You need to make the right pitch so that they can convince themselves,” adds Tom Casano.

What Every Pro Should Know About Google Ads Updates3

How do you deal with the overload of aspects that come with setting a converting campaign up?

The truth of the matter is that back when they were first introduced in the year 2000, Google Ads could be run independently; they didn’t have too many features & it was easy to establish a few keywords to showcase your ad atop the search. Then, people knew there was an ad because it appeared atop the page highlighted in yellow — & it was like that for well over a decade.

Nonetheless, the real problem began with the explosion of the Internet, e-commerces, smartphones, tablets & artificial intelligence; everyone wanted to be advertised online & the net became a mass-medium of exposure that soon overpowered print, TV & radio.

Soon, the Internet became an overcrowded space where being seen organically or placing an ad — with just a few keywords — was no guarantee of exposure or Return of Investment. It was then & there that  Google Ads began to evolve, & with said evolution came the updates that soon required the help of digital marketing experts that could understand & manage them adequately.

Nowadays, Google Ads have so many tools, features — & artificial intelligence elements — that professional help from a marketing expert is a must. This, because updates happen at any given time to better the searching experience of people. But, as more & more businesses of all shapes & sizes jump on their train, the job of showcasing the ad results closest to people’s needs gets harder for AI.

But what should every professional marketer know about Google Ads updates & what should they expect from them every time?

1.Updates sharpen the Google Ads experience

Updates sharpen Google Ads to benefit both the customer & the service provider, as well as to further enhance, simply & better their interactions & bonds.

Back in the day, when there were only a few major businesses investing on Google Ads to pioneer, there wasn’t much need for additional tools & commodities. In present times, people do most of their service selection & product shopping via mobiles, so there has to be elements like automation in display (to fit ads into the screens of a wide variety of devices), action buttons, & landing pages where customers can convert — each time more precise, faster, & in the highest quality experience possible so that customers are willing to return & help build better quality scores & online reputation for provider companies.

2.Updates keep you in the game

Even though it might seem like updates move faster than people’s understanding of digital evolution, they happen when its time to better the user’s experience. Therefore, by letting updates go by as if they didn’t matter, because they happen too near in time to each other, you might be missing on action that your competitors will grasp on to rank better than you, to reach higher audiences & to generate engagement with whom could’ve been your base customer.


If you miss a bidding update that includes sharper metrics of your campaign, you might not understand when the Google Ads Manager shows you statics that explain why your ad performance has been changing.

Furthermore, as is explained on Google’s very own Update Support Page, performance change analysis is critical when optimizing campaigns.

What Every Pro Should Know About Google Ads Updates2

3.Updates make things easier to understand

Another virtue any Google Ads connoisseur should know is that every update presents better ways, not only to operate, but also to understand said operations. The fact is that with metrics changing according to people’s interaction with the ads — & their searches — metric fluctuation understanding alone can become an exhausting, never-ending experience. Therefore, each Google Ads update includes further by-request explanations on ad group performance & shifts, as well as of the over-all performance of campaigns.

Please note said explanations include deep reasoning on impressions, clicks, CPC, conversion, bidding & return of investment. Google Ads by-request explanations update also offers business owners more time to sharpen their campaigns; however, it does not replace the work done by professional digital marketing agents with the know-how on how to apply said changes properly, & on how said updates impact the overall optimization of an ad or of a brand on the net.

“It is important to separate the knowledge on updates & their virtues from the importance of professional assistance; the fact that updates simplify, & give owners clearer views, does not mean they’ll tell them how said shifts will change their commercial race — that’s where professional help is pivotal & can make or break a campaign or a business.” – David G. Lanka, SEO Consultant, Google Ads Expert & Author.


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