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Our Practical 2019 Ultimate Guide to Google Keyword Planner

Do you know what the Google Keyword Planner is, how it works & how it can enhance your brand’s digital marketing optimization?

Digital marketing is without a doubt one of the top three mayor promotion outlets of today. Alongside radio spot marketing & television marketing, digital marketing allows companies to position their brands either in front of new audiences within’ the digital spectrum or before previously acquired customers, to bring them a greater, more intimate, measurable experience that will give both, the provider & the clients, a better way to do business.  

Furthermore, as artificial intelligence immerses more & more in every aspect of digital marketing, tools like the Google Keywords Planner become more essential. This because in the overpopulated sphere of digital marketing, the main role of artificial intelligent is to give users the most personalized experience possible, & to show ads before audiences that matter to advertisers.

“Always be relevant, create relevant campaigns, & give users the answers to their queries as precisely as possible,” says Online Marketing Manager, Marko Kvesic.

The previous because you don’t want to spend marketing budget on clicks from people who aren’t interested in engaging or converting, you want to spend your budget either on building a bond that will get a person to turn into a constant ROI maker or on a user willing to convert & give you a good online reputation. 

Google ads are one of the best, if not the best, option when it comes to the creation of successful, outstanding, engaging, ROI-making, business-expanding, bound-breaking campaigns, because Google has perfected its artificial intelligence to give business owners all the fields & elements they need to thrive; in one place & at a reasonable cost.

Google Keywords Planner is a perfect example of the excellent marketing development that Google offers, because it allows marketers to sharpen their campaigns from their core to their shell.

But what is Google Keywords Planner, how does it work, & how does it help your brand’s online placement?

Google Keywords Planner is a free Google Ads tool designed to generate & complete relevant keyword listings, long tail keyword listings & related keyword listings of any topic, to help ads be shown in the most accurate search results. Meaning, it’s a tool that helps your business come up with keywords that will place your ad in front of your most precise demographic or niche, in order for it (your ad) to deliver the best Cost Per Click, the best conversion, the best conversation, the most Google Forms, & of course the best Return of Investment.

Please note: Google Forms are ad forms designed to survey people through volunteered information, personal data & product or service-use related questions & answers. The goal is to create the right Google forms & then use Google Keywords Planner to get those forms in front of the best possible people to survey.

Our 2019 Ultimate Guide to Google Keywords Planner. 2jpg

How does Google Keywords Planner work?

Although understanding it takes professional assistance from a vanguard digital agency, more than just browsing through digital marketing blogs & watching a few short guide videos on the net, the best ways to understand it, & how it enhances your campaigns, are the following.

1.Google Keyword Planner helps you discover the keywords your business needs

No matter how much knowledge you have of your business, as well as the campaigns that push it, you are not an automated machine with pre-gathered data from all over the globe, markets & most searched terms. Therefore, the assistance of Google Keywords Planner to help you discover the keywords your business needs, & those negative keywords it doesn’t, is a must when aiming to create a sharp campaign that will propel your company to the next level.

Google Keywords Planner will search for words or phrases that are related with your products & services to help you find the most pertinent ones to use.

2.Google Keyword Planner gives you stats

The days when company marketers & business owner had to browse through websites to find statics on the performance of the keywords related to their company are thankfully long gone. Google Keywords Planner’s newest version is complete with an analysis system that allows you to see updated statics on your main keywords, your long tail keywords & your negative keywords, as well as those [statics] of the suggestions that the planner automatically shows after you type in the first few [keywords.]

This feature not only showcases the average number of people that will potentially search a certain keyword at a certain point in time, it also shows you graphs of the total number of type-ins in the last 24hrs, the last week, or the last month, as well as the number of people who searched them in a manually selected time frame of your choice. This feature is one of the most powerful for a company to achieve the best campaigns & strategies they can possibly come up with.

Our 2019 Ultimate Guide to Google Keywords Planner 3jpg

3.Google Keyword Planner will give you budget estimates

One of the newest & greatest features of it is its automated budget estimation system, which shows you estimate biddings on each keyword you type in so that you can plan your campaign’s budget according to individual keyword biddings.

“This feature is fantastic; it allows you to give a different value to each keyword. Maybe you want to invest more on a primary keyword than a secondary one & that wasn’t possible before. However, it is now, thanks to the planner’s bidding update. Businesses now have the option of pushing a keyword more heavily than others without having to remove the rest like they did in the past; it’s AI at its finest.”

– Google Zurich SEO Expert, John Muelle

4.Google Keyword Planner allows you to save your plan

Last, but most certainly not least, the planner will allow you to save your listings; complete with analytics, biddings, & negatives; so that you can add it to your campaign plan & send it to your coworkers or to review &/or modify it when you see fit.


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