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[Infographic] Why You Should Hire Adext AI To Get Superior Advertising Results

Are you wondering why should you become an Adext Partner? 

Do you want to know each and every benefit having the first and only audience management as a service tool with AI on your team will get you?

Are you curious about how Adext AI use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can boost your agency’s efficiency? Do you want to know if they are really going to become a priority in the next few years?

Then this infographic is for you! 

Did You Know That…

Marketers’ most common fear about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a decreased ability to target consumers. In fact, a Digiday Research found out that about 60% of marketers in the US and Europe are unsatisfied by their ability to target audiences at scale.

But, since Adext AI doesn’t use Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to target audiences as explained here, you won’t have to be concerned about relying on user’s profiles that will eventually degrade over time, or about having to delete older profiles as the GDPR requires. 

Adext AI offers you the ability to dynamically explore and exploit audiences toward the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR) using no PII so successfully targeting customers at scale won’t be a problem anymore.


Adext AI applies Machine Learning to find the best audience for any ad

..and ensure the lowest costs per conversion, allowing you to focus on the most rewarding aspects of advertising: strategy and creativity.

In this guide you will learn more about Adext AI, as it explains exactly how the software works.

And if you would like to read what some of our current Partners have to say about Adext AI, you can check out these case studies and testimonials.

[Infographic] Why You Should Hire Adext AI To Get Superior Advertising Results

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