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These Are The Reasons Why Every Brand Needs Ad Tech AI In Its Toolbox

The AI bug is spreading, and it’s spreading across many industries. In this article we’re going to explain you why your brand definitely need Ad Tech AI in its toolbox.

Here’s how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has developed over time and improved the following industries:

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In healthcare, AI is being used for data management, apps and treatment plans. For example, Watson for Oncology has the ability to analyze the meaning and context of structured and unstructured data in clinical notes and reports. It can also read medical literature and scan the web for the latest scientific research.

In heart failure, AI tools can also track the movement of 30,000 different points on a patient’s heart, creating an intricate 3D scan of the organ and predictions about five years into the future.

In cybersecurity, AI is also making huge strides. AI in data protection allows companies to detect vulnerabilities or anomalous user behavior in business applications like ERP and Financial systems through behavior anomaly analysis, says Co-Founder and CTO of ERPScan, Alexander Polyakov.

When it comes to finance, AI is dominating by managing investments, collecting financial data and using predictive analytics to anticipate changes in the stock market, which big financial companies use to guide their decision making. Almost every company in the financial technology sector has begun using AI to save time, add value and reduce costs.

And last but not least, AI is helping teachers and students by handling grading, providing customized tutoring and managing whole online learning systems.

According to Meghan Bogardus Cortez of EdTech, “Recent research predicts that the use of AI in the education sector will grow 47.5 percent through 2021… Of all the areas where AI might work in K–12, the article indicates the potential to create adaptive learning features that personalize tools for each student’s learning experience is the biggest.”

So what about in marketing and advertising since it’s the top area for AI implementation after health care?

Within this dynamic industry, AI is being used to improve company culture, inspire innovation, and boost results.

Reason 1: Ad Tech AI Can Lead To The Most Effective Strategic Action

The real value in AI resides in its ability to analyze data and endorse strategic action. Using statistical models to recommend actions that are focused on generating leads and sales, as opposed to traffic, can shape what we do on a daily basis, and those actions can really add up.

Reason 2: Ad Tech AI Can Serve As A Catalyst For Dynamic Creative Production

AI gives you more time to focus on creative content, and prevents you from wasting time on data manipulation and gathering. But as its algorithms begin to learn which audiences respond to various creative versions or featured products best, it can also provide insights about the creative content for better conversions. 

Organizations like the Associated Press are using algorithms to create basic content like stock reports, while many other brands are exploring how AI can help their content marketing. Some companies are already even delivering personalized content at scale based on data they’ve collected and analyzed.

Reason 3: Ad Tech AI Simplifies Buying

Programmatic buying platforms may incorporate a variety of AI features, including automated targeting using real-time bidding models, simplified buying processes, automated budget pacing, real-time reporting, and optimization for the key performance indicator chosen by your campaign manager.

Reason 4: Ad Tech AI Can Trigger A New, Better Company Culture

The primary objective of using AI for digital marketing is to automate rudimentary tasks, such as data collection, processing, and reporting, which, in turn, leads to more efficient processes and more time for people to focus on strategic planning.

Let’s use the example of an employee who spends 16 hours a week processing and reporting data that’s collected through common marketing tools.

This employee will have to process the data and understand the information that has been gathered. They will then have to analyze the data, looking for trends, inaccuracies or incongruities, draw conclusions and give recommendations based on their experience and analysis.

If this process were automated through AI and/or machine learning (ML), the brand would receive the same, or an even more accurate, data analysis. This way, the employee’s marketing expertise, ability to reason, creativity and business instincts could be developed and fully utilized elsewhere, allowing the brand to gain the most from effective AI integration.

With 16 more hours a week now available, the employee would be free to focus on critical thinking, leading to improved client campaign performance.

This concept can be applied to every area of your company, changing its culture. Now your company is a place where executives, human resources, management, and employees are leading and innovating for the benefit of the company and its clients.

Digital agencies are in a unique position because they are way ahead of most industries when it comes to using their experience and expertise in understanding and using data to make business decisions. Many brands have already been using AI and ML to optimize ads and personalize the customer’s experience, and they’re getting great results!

Reason 5: Ad Tech AI Encourages Personalization

Advertising and marketing are all about reaching the right person, at the right time and in the right place. Ad Tech AI supports digital advertising by getting the best viewers through segmentation based on demographics like profession, education, interests, gender, age and income. And this approach always leads to more personalization.

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Reason 6: Ad Tech AI Is Cost Effective

When Digital Rush began using an AI platform that helped them streamline the conversion optimization process, they boosted efficiency, but they were also able to target, test and optimize specific on-site content based on user behavior. With this, they were then able to retarget and customize the experience over different devices at little cost to their smaller business clients.

This is just one way that Ad Tech AI can improve cost efficiency while getting you better results.

Next Steps

Adext AI is a great solution to add to your toolbox if you’d like your brand to access all six of these mentioned benefits.  

To get started, why not try Adext AI? It allows you to effectively and automatically increase your conversions, boost your ROI, target audiences more accurately, and free up time for creative content and strategizing. It simplifies the buying process by making around 480 adjustments per ad every day and manages budgets across 20 demographic groups based on the insights it gained on your campaigns.

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