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The Impressive Top Digital Marketing Tool for 2020

Get in the loop of what to look for when browsing the top digital marketing tool for 2020, because the competition for marketers is getting tougher out there.

The right tool can make or break your business, since without it you can’t measure the performance of your campaigns and hence, can’t know if you are investing your money in a smart advertising effort.

The benefits of a Marketing tool, for example, in the form of an automation platform have proven to be many:

Reduced staffing costs, Better ROI, Clearly defines processes and points out bottlenecks, Boosts effectiveness and there’s more room for creativity.”

Marketo, Acquisio, HubSpot,, Marin Software, Pardot, Revealbot, Oracle Eloqua, GreenRope, Albert AI, Jumplead, Trapica, Wishpond, Sendpulse are some of the most known and best tools out there.

However, there is one tool that is disrupting and transforming the advertising industry: Adext AI.

To back up our word and pinpoint why Adext AI is disrupting the marketing scene of 2020, researched the very specific category of marketing automation platforms powered by AI.

We also checked the characteristics that are needed in order to be considered as exemplary.

The tool should enable users to save time, receive the benefits they are looking for, augment their performance, simplify complex tasks and, above all achieve their business goals. In Adext case in relation to Google and Facebook ads campaigns.

That’s why we focused our research and analysis on the following list:

1.Top Digital Marketing Tool Ease of Use

Meaning “The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals, with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use. ”

According to Researcher Andreas Komninos from the Interaction Design Foundation, there are certain points you should focus on regarding usability: effectiveness, efficiency, engagement, error tolerance and ease of learning.

2. Effectiveness

In short, to complete goals with accuracy… “Much of the effectiveness of a product comes from the support provided to users when they work with the product”.

So, providing support in every step of the way and being informative is required and needed in order for the user to fulfill their goals with the right tool.

Top digital marketing tool of 2020

3. How does Adext AI fulfill the ease of use promise?

Not only does Adext offer different types of pricing plans according to your monthly ad spend and takes into consideration if you are an agency or enterprise.

It also offers different types of AI Tools so you may choose the one you see fits best with your objectives: Explore AI Only, Explore AI vs. No AI and Amplify.

Plus, it allows you to access Dynamic Audience Exploration for your Campaigns, automates tasks, optimizes your budget and iterates on your ads, all with AI.

To guide you every step of the way in the use of the platform it offers live chat support with Adext specialists. If you are an enterprise client, you have personalized support 24/7, and a dedicated data scientist team providing personalized monitoring, reporting, and consultancy.

On top of that, there’s a full library of help articles on its helpdesk, as well a wide range of blog posts that answer FAQs, offer tips and explain best practices.

The Customizable Metrics Dashboard shows you exactly what you need and want to know, what ad is working on which KPI, demographic and device.

You also receive dashboard reports, plus you can export it in different formats in order for you to share it easily and quickly. 

4. How is Adext Efficient?

Efficiency, this word is related to time, especially to speed and to specific questions:

-How much time can you save with the right tool and how fast can you finish the task with it?

-How many steps does it take, or it involves?

-How the users interact with the platform to achieve this?

Adext was designed thinking of time-related tasks that take days for every marketer, and how fast it needs to be set up.

That’s why its set up process can be summed up in few steps that take less than 10 minutes: sign up, connect your advertising accounts (Google or Facebook), choose a plan and AI tool, set up your smart campaign with the specifics and submit!

That’s just the first part that saves you time. The second part is finding the right audience, iterating your ads and optimizing your budget, to find the best-performing audience according to your chosen KPI.

This time of iteration is really time-consuming, but with Adext is just a matter of setting it up with a few clicks. As a result, it gives you the information you need to improve your ads with relevant insights and in the fastest way possible.

5. Adext Case Studies

These are the numbers a B2B achieved for Lead Gen (Leads Ads) because of Adext:

  • 47% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 26% CPA Reduction
  • 19% CPM Reduction
  • 10% CPC Reduction
  • 58% CTR Increase

These are the numbers an E-commerce achieved for Website purchases because of Adext:

  • 444% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 65% CPA Reduction
  • 41% CPM Reduction
  • 43% CPC Reduction
  • 18% CTR Increase
  • 1608% ROAS Increase

These are the numbers a Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) brand achieved in Awareness because of Adext:

  • 37% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 11% CPA Reduction
  • 38% CPM Reduction
  • 27% CPC Reduction
  • 63% CTR Increase
  • 67% ROAS Increase

6. Other important components to consider

Regarding usability, keep this in mind…

Engagement: is the product enjoyable to use, is it pleasing to the eye and does it fit our natural logic, is the platform easy to navigate? 

Do we cover this? yes, yes and yes, Adext design is based on a combination of minimalism and clarity, but you can find out for yourself using it first-hand!

Error Tolerance: This is highly linked to the design, “minimize errors from occurring and to ensure that a user can easily recover from an error and get back to what he or she was doing”.

Adext platform relies on this principle, focusing on limiting the choices to correct ones and giving the opportunity of redoing the action or undoing it. It also gives constant support, advice, warning, and reminders of what to do or not to do to stay on track.

Ease of Learning: Rule of thumb “If you want a product to be used regularly, then you want the users to be able to learn the product easily so that when they use it again, it comes as second nature.”

Adext Platform becomes familiar pretty quickly, and whenever there is a new feature release, its design is linked to what the user already identifies and knows how to use within the tool. In fact, Adext model relies on basic systems and existing models that the user is already used to interact with.

7. Adext Automation

“The aim of automation is to boost efficiency and reliability. In most cases, however, automation replaces labor.”

Digital marketing automation has been on the rise for the past years, focusing on solving repetitive tasks and replacing manual operations with a more sophisticated software or tool.

The reason it has been increasing its popularity is not only because it is a marketing automation platform that enables users to use time more efficiently, but because it simplifies what used to be more complex processes and transforms them into “clicks”. 

These tools aid marketers in key points relevant to their business: “Lead Generation, Segmentation, Lead nurturing and lead scoring, Relationship marketing, Cross-sell and upsell, Retention, Marketing ROI measurement.”

Adext AI is automation at its finest, it enables you to augment your abilities putting you in control of an AI tool that extracts, analyzes, automates and decides the optimization of your ads. It allows you to focus on the strategy and data quality the AI will work with to achieve the best results for your campaigns.

It’s automation on a whole new level because it gives you the opportunity to test its AI model with your data to see if it’s really working doing split testing.

8. Adext Scalability

According to techopedia:

“A system, business or software that is described as scalable has an advantage because it is more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients. Scalability is often a sign of stability and competitiveness, as it means the network, system, software or organization is ready to handle the influx of demand, increased productivity, trends, changing needs and even presence or introduction of new competitors.”

Scalability’s eye is always on the future, future needs and features. Adext is a platform that has always kept growing and morphing, that is part of its complex and sophisticated software architecture and its main trait.

It relies on this, but its scalability is also about quality, to raise the bar and keep on improving, upgrading to offer better versions.

Amplify, Adext newest AI tools are the perfect example of this scalability.

Amplify lets you boost the winning audiences of your ads, widening the possibilities. Once these audiences have stood out by having the best performance and results, you’ll can choose from different machine learning models that you can apply to different objectives.

So, according to your goals, type of campaign or KPI of interest, you may try the one you think will make your campaign more successful. The models are 3… so far.

the Top digital marketing tool of 2020

9. Adext Machine Learning Models


To boost the campaign or ad with the best results, this model needs a lot of data to work with, so it does simulations to gather more data.

It analyses the distribution of probability that each ad has (exploration) and selects the one with the highest probability of being the best one, based on the information obtained. It needs more time than other Adext’s models to find which ads are winning and which ones are losing.

This model is especially recommended when you want to run your campaigns in an exploration mode and are not in any rush, meaning you are willing to give Adext AI more time to gather enough data, or, you wish to run a longer campaign.


This model will focus on which ad has the best performance and exploit that one as much as possible. Is more practical for shorter campaigns or when you have little time to run them since you can iterate faster than with other Adext’s models.

It’s best to use this model if you want Adext to find and boost the top-performing audiences quickly or run a campaign for a special holiday for example like Black Friday. It’s also recommended if you are looking to get conversions faster and not focus only on CPA.


This one is based on learning by reinforcement. It gathers its learning from “experience”, focusing on losing and winning rewards or punishments.

For example, within 10 possibilities to select the audiences, if it selects one that didn’t have a positive result, its reward is lower than if it selects one that had a good performance, this way it learns to start to choose the best performing ones only.

If you have mid to longer duration campaigns this model is highly recommended, or if you want to boost the best performing audiences and cut the losses on other audiences, for example limiting the budget.

It’s also great if you want to focus on what is working, hence, delivering your ads only to certain audiences.

Competition Benchmark

Adext features, advantages, and benefits are powerful enough to leave the competition behind, that’s why we created the following list so each user can consult them and compare:

adext vs

Adext allows you to improve, automate and optimize your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, access audience management without human intervention, and dive into cross-channel Transfer Learning.

You’ll receive an analysis report, comparative clone-based tests and find the audiences you want as well as the insights you need.

What other AI marketing tool could you need for 2020?

Finally, here are some testimonials that might help you see why Adext works…

Exxact, Felipe A. Baeza Sepúlveda, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing:

“The volume of conversions in our agency improved with Adext, as well as lowering the cost per lead. We have been working with Adext since 2017.

Our first project was to make a campaign for a University to register 6,000 leads, with Adext we managed to double our registers per day and reduce our cost per lead at the same time.

After that, we did the same with an eCommerce, and within just a few weeks we broke stock because of the campaign with Adext.

In regards to our KPI’s, Adext has helped us reach a greater (more focused and precise) audience, audiences we would never have thought of.

Adext also distributed our budget more efficiently, so we achieve greater performance, in the end, we improve the results of our campaigns, with less time spent and a greater amount of insights.

The work that can be done by humans is limited to 60% of the total amount of actions that can be performed by a tool like Adext.”

Alberto Alvarez – CEO, LDM: “Great AI tool for campaigns”

Adext predicts which micro audience within my target would perform better each hour. This improves the overall campaign performance. We have obtained a 30% to 50% increase in performance KPIs (conversion, leads, sales, CPA).”

Antonio Rallo, Co-Founder:

“Adext is becoming very much like Google and Facebook in the sense that if you’re not using their technology, then you’re simply not as competitive.”


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