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What Is Adext and How Does It Work?

Meet Adext AI, the first ever online advertising supercomputer that knows how to put your digital ads in exactly the right place online and get your company plenty of attention from exactly the right people.

In fact, it creates, manages and optimizes your ad campaigns on Facebook and Google automatically.

How can you use it to increase your sales revenue?


Since the right people are going to be exposed to your ads, more qualified prospects are going to land on your website.

And those people are much more likely to then purchase your products or hire you (if you have an e-commerce platform on your site)… or get in touch to find out exactly what you offer.


Sounds good?

Great, because this article contains everything you need to understand how Adext works even if you have zero experience in the field, and how it can help your company expand in all directions.

How Smart Advertising Works

Smart advertising is extremely simple stuff, though it uses extremely advanced technology. Here’s what the process looks like:

1. First, Adext AI will create an ad campaign for you, based on Big Data 

Once you’ve added a little information about your business—your company name, the product or service you offer, which geographical area you’d like your ads to appear within, etc.—Adext can create your ad campaign, and show you what it’ll look like on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

With that information, it immediately gets to work analyzing an enormous database of campaigns from around the world (yes, it uses Big Data) to identify what’s worked for businesses like yours so far.


(This is no small feat! Just in case you’re not familiar with Big Data, the term refers to terabytes, petabytes or even exabytes of data captured over time that are extreme in volume, include a wide variety of data types and must be processed very quickly. This means that Adext can indeed analyze tens of thousands of image files, ad copy, keywords, KPIs, etc. for you in a snip.)

Next, it whips up a winning campaign based on winning data so you start receiving prospects on your website a week after the launch of your campaign. And, if you don’t have a website, don’t worry, Adext will create a Lead Page for you at no additional cost.

2. Second, it’ll optimize your ads using machine learning

As soon as your ad campaign is launched on the internet’s main platforms, Adext starts to optimize it using its machine learning technology.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows Adext to very accurately predict outcomes on its own and learn from its experiences.

This means that Adext can look at all the aspects of your ad campaign using its advanced algorithm and find out exactly what’s working for your business.

For example, Adext begins by dividing your ad budget into equal parts and investing it in ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other sites through Google AdWords Remarketing.

However, it will very quickly work out which one deserves more of your investment based on what it learns.


And that goes for every aspect of your campaign.

So your ads may actually appear on all or just a few media platforms after a short time—it really depends on which ones Adext discovers to be the most profitable for you.

Like I said earlier, it seems simple, but the results that it can achieve for your business may just knock your socks off.

Another example?

Let’s say there’s a niche market growing more interested in the product or service you offer.

Adext will make that niche market the center of its bullseye, so you benefit.

Yes, Adext will identify it, and then quickly modify your ads so they target and attract that niche more effectively.


And if Adext is skimming through its Big Data at lightning speed and happens to discover that you’ll probably be able to sell more products or services in a specific geographical region, it’ll change the location of the brunt of your ads to help make you popular there.

3. Next, Adext will report on the results of its hard work

It reports on the main KPIs of your campaign on its platform dashboard and its conversion uplift comparing your original ads to the Adext ads that are clones of your original ads.

Every. Single. Day.

What You Need To Do To Make Adext Work For You (Clue: Zero Digital Marketing Expertise Necessary)

You don’t have to be an expert in digital advertising to get the same results as one.

Adext can get you those results without you having to lift even a finger or study in any way.

We’ve made it all really easy. So no expertise is necessary.


So what do you need?

Just open an account and connect it to your Facebook ads & Google ads accounts, where your campaigns are already running. These two giants will grow 22% globally this year, and account for $176 billion in advertising revenues, claiming 61.4% of the global online ad market.

After connecting your accounts, select your best existing Ad Groups or Ad Sets to optimize without human involvement. Choose the optimization period for your campaign to run autonomously. When the AI has approved your Ad Groups or Ad Sets, launch your campaign by clicking on the green “Submit Smart Campaign” button.

You are done! Now Adext AI can work its magic. For example, if you chose 100 Ad Groups or Ad Sets, it will create 1,000 Smart Campaigns intelligently and automatically, with micro demographic segments, making up to 1,000 changes per day within your own accounts transparently and via the prediction of 1,000,000 simulations.

This amount of real time iteration results in an increase in conversion or ROAS. How much you ask? Depending on your type of campaign, its uplift can range from 100% -1000%.


That’s the power of Adext AI, it maximizes your return on ad spend within Google and Facebook applying Cross Channel, in a way no human ever could.

It uses machine learning to automatically buy and optimize ad group sets based on the highest conversion performance by making decisions as dynamic audiences evolve in real time.

Dynamic audiences make dynamic decisions that keep changing throughout the day.

What else do you need to do to get fantastic results from Adext?

Sit back, relax and close the prospects coming in to your best ability. Nothing more.

Why You Should Consider Adext

If you’re still on the fence about Adext, that’s understandable. Business decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly.

And you may be keen to compare all your options objectively before making your decision.


Adext AI eliminates human intervention and error, allows you to enjoy a 100% transparent operation, and scale your productivity making the most of your online advertising investment.

From Knocking On Doors and a 1% Close Rate to Closing 8-10 Deals a Week

One thing we are proud of is the amazing results Adext is achieving for our customers.

Martin Romeira runs an interior design services company. He literally used to knock on doors, go down to construction sites and people’s houses and pitch his products and services to them personally.

His close rate was just 1 in every 100 visits.

Then he found Adext and he started receiving between 30 and 35 qualified leads coming to him. And he now closes a minimum of 8-10 deals every week.

Ready to join our community of over 20,000 businesses expanding, growing, building strength and enjoying the process thanks to a long-awaited sales boost?

To start making that a reality for you, click here.

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